Big Breaking!!! Then he said India won Kargil War due to Muslim soldiers, now he says Indian Soldiers are rapists; Meet the communal Azam Khan

After Congress, Left now Samajwadi Party (SP) considers that it is its responsibility to insult the Indian Army. So the top gun of SP, Azam Khan decided to insult Indian Army. In a public meeting Azam Khan abused Indian Army and levelled rape allegations against it. While Azam Khan made this shameless statement, the Samajwadi Party (SP) workers were seen sitting around him and nodding their head.

Azam Khan is considered as a professional in giving out controversial statement against the integrity of the nation. This time he said that women terrorists cut the soldiers private part and took it away because it was creating them problem. He also said that on this Eid a daughter was scared to go out and meet her father and a sister was scared to meet her brother because they feared their safety.

This is not the first time Azam Khan gave out a statement like this. In 2014 he said that India won the Kargil War only due to the sacrifices of Muslim soldiers and not Hindus. But Indians do believe that there is no religion in Indian Army but Azam Khan tried to break the integrity of the Indian Army. And the sad part is that Mulayam Singh is fine to keep this of politician in his party.

Long back he had also admitted that that money has come from terror group Taliban and Dawood Ibrahim to celebrate Mulayam Singh’s 75th birthday.

A month ago Akhilesh Yadav from Samajwadi Party (SP) had also insulted Army saying that he never saw a soldier from Gujarat sacrificing for the nation. Let us remind him that our army is filled with Indians. Apart from Indians, our Army doesn’t have any caste or religion.


Nishika Ram