Big Breaking!!! Most wanted Naxal leader Vikram Gowda killed Gauri Lankesh?

Time has come to all those fanatics who blamed on right wing organisations for the murder of Gauri Lankesh to apologize. Now the Karnataka police have probed thoroughly the naxal link to this case. The Special Investigation Team (SIT) had probed all the angles and has listed the suspects in the case. The top suspect in this list is the naxal leader Vikram Gowda.

The suspect even grows strong against Vikram after the Andhra Pradesh Police arrived in Bangalore to probe the case. These police are probing Gauri’s home and office to further strengthen their suspect. News also emerged that the Chhattisgarh police (Chhattisgarh is most hit by naxalism) is also seeking information on this case.

Why Vikram Gowda hates Gauri Lankesh?

Brother of Gauri Lankesh, Indrajit Lankesh revealed that she was getting threat calls from naxalites. She made naxals to quit their anti-national activities and made them join the mainstream society.

This had raged the blood of Vikram Gowda who began to issue pamphlets that contained warning messages. This incident took place in Chik Mangalore, Karnataka. This anger against her might have led to killing Gauri, according to Police sources.

Who is this Vikram Gowda?

This most wanted naxal Vikram Gowda is from Udupi disrict, Hebri Taluk. The naxal activities in South India is under the vigilance of Kuppuswami of Tamil Nadu and the responsibility of Karnataka naxal activities was handed over to Vikram Gowda, the main suspect in Gauri Lankesh’s murder.

Vikram is a most wanted criminal in more than 20 cases and he is actively involved in naxal movements since last year 20 years. Initially, he was in labour organisations but gradually got attracted towards naxal principles. This deadly naxal was even successful in fleeing three times from the hands of the police. It is said that since past three years, he is hiding in Kerala but sadly the Kerala police are unable to trace him.

Since past 4 years, Gauri Lankesh was successful in changing the minds of the naxals. Some of them include Sirimane Nagaraju, Noor Zulfikar Sridhar, Kanya Kumari, Raju Aliyas Parashuram, Shivu, Chenamma, Nilaguli Padmanabha, Rizwan Begam, Kalpana. When these naxals had quit their cruel profession, it had made Vikram Gowda to lose his calm. That’s why he is the main suspect in this case and he is not from right wing organisations.

Source: Public TV

Nishika Ram