Big conspiracy at the final stage of Ayodhya verdict, Congress tries to sabotage the case, wants to impeach CJI Misra before judgement!

In a big development, the Congress plan to sabotage the Ram Mandhir case has been exposed. Just weeks before the Ayodhya case is all set to be sorted out, the Congress makes desperate move to stop the Ayodhya verdict. In a secret plan, the Congress has started collecting signature campaign among all parties asking them to support the impeachment motion against the sitting Chief Justice of India Deepak Misra.

The plan to impeach the sitting judge first started when 4 judges of the Supreme Court went to media claiming that they were not happy with the functioning of the Supreme Court. Though the entire issue initially looked genuine, it was later found that the entire episode of Supreme Judges speaking against CJI was a plot to impeach CJI Misra who is heading the Ayodhya bench.

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Among the four judges, Justice Chelmeshwar had even met leaders of the left party just after the press meet which raised many speculations and the real intentions of the judges.

Kapil Sibal who represented the AIMPLB had argued to delay the Ayodhya case until the 2019 elections which showed that the Congress doesn’t want the Ayodhya verdict before the general elections. When nothing worked, they have started this conspiracy to impeach the sitting Chief Justice of India to fulfill their political deeds and cripple the judiciary.  This move is been supported by NCP and left parties, RJD and DMK which are supporting Congress to stop the Ayodhya verdict.

But the worst part is the NCP leader admitted that they have no idea why the impeachment motion was initiated and said the Congress asked them to sign and they did.  However, the BJD has strongly opposed the move and blasted the Congress for trying to delay the Ayodhya verdict.

Massive outrage has erupted in the social media following the Congress move. It is clearly a pressure tactic on CJI to adjourn the Ayodhya case to 2019 in order to reap benefits in the elections. The Ayodhya verdict pronounced now and if it goes in favour of the Hindus, will benefit hugely for BJP which was an election promise in their manifesto. The Congress is trying to prevent this from happening and want the Ayodhya case to be hung forever.

Rahul Gandhi who called himself a janeu dhari Hindu and is touring Temples in all poll bound states should first come and make his stand clear about the Ayodhya issue. If he really is a Hindu supporter, then why is he trying to sabotage the case and trying to score political points out of it? When it is very clear that Ayodhya belongs to Hindus and is the birth place of Lord Ram, why is he going against the Ram Temple construction?

This only shows the real face of Congress which is anti-Hindu and the soft Hindutva approach is nothing but a gimmick played by the Congress to fool Hindus in the country. The continuous electoral loss has only forced them to pick up soft Hindutva approach to gain votes of Hindus and their true colours will be out if they any chance win elections. Within no time they will be back to calling Hindus, Saffron Terror, extremists and dangerous than Islamic terror and jail people like Col Purohit who had exposed the Congress terror link.

The Congress will face massive backlash if they move the impeachment motion to stop the Ayodhya verdict which will enrage the Hindus who have been waiting for the temple for nearly 28 years.

Check how people are outraged with the Congress bizarre decision!

Aishwarya S