Big decision by Modi Government! Properties of people who’ve left India to live in Pakistan or China will be disposed off

The Narendra Modi government has taken an important and much needed decision with respect to enemy properties in India. The decision was taken after Home Minister Rajnath Singh held a high-level meeting chaired by him.

The Home Minister directed that considering the importance of the new provisions in the Enemy Property Act, 2017, which was amended recently to include disposal/transfer of enemy properties, the rules may be notified expeditiously.

According to the amended Act, ‘enemy property’ refers to any property belonging to, held or managed on behalf of an enemy, an enemy subject or an enemy firm. The owners of these properties have been identified as those who’ve left India to live in Pakistan or China. These properties will now be disposed off.

A home ministry statement said: “It was also decided that the custodian office be strengthened for this purpose and the ministry should identify the properties free from encumbrance for quick disposal and monetisation.”

The government has vested these properties in the Custodian of Enemy Property for India, an office instituted under the central government.After the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965, the Enemy Property Act was enacted in 1968, which regulates such properties and lists the custodian’s powers.

This move is appropriate as similar properties held in Pakistan belonging to Indians have been disposed off, and the appointment of nodal officers by the state governments be pursued to coordinate identification, vesting and valuation of enemy properties.

It has been found out that survey of 6,289 enemy properties has been completed and the same for the remaining 2,991 properties will also be completed soon. Also the properties in the process for vesting numbering 5,863 may also be surveyed at the earliest.

This is an applaudable move of the Narendra Modi government and credit must be given to Home Minister Rajnath Singh for expeditiously following through on the matter.

There is no logic in keeping and preserving properties of those people who’ve made enemy nations their home, especially Pakistan. The Congress government never took any action even on this matter which makes one wonder what vested interests they have in this.

Source: https://www.defencenews.in/article/Properties-Of-Those-Whove-Left-For-Pakistan,-China-Will-Be-Disposed,-Says-Government-525174

Vinayak Jain


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