Big decision of Modi Government! Women To Be Inducted As Jawans In Corps Of Military Police In Army

Women’s empowerment and security have always been important for the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government. After assuming power, the Modi government has taken so many steps to enhance the position of women in the society. Moving forward in this direction, the Modi government has now taken the decision of inducting women as Jawans in corps Of Military Police in the army

Women will be inducted in the army in a phased manner and eventually their number in the Army Police will be up to 20 percent. This news has been confirmed by Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. She announced the news on her official Twitter handle.

Earlier, women were allowed to recruit as an officer in the army and even for them the branches were already fixed. But now women can be recruited as a Jawan in the military police. On the basis of the grade, the women will be given place in the military military police.

Army chief Bipin Rawat had said last year that the process of sanctioning fighter roles for women is progressing fast and women will be soon admitted to Army Police. For this, the army has prepared a plan to include at least 800 women in the Army Police. Under this, 52 female Jawans will be recruited every year. Presently women have an option to go to the branches of medical, law, education, signals and engineering.

Women involved in Army Police will investigate cases of rape and molestation, will assist civil police/administration for evacuation in forward villages during hostilities, will control crowd of refugees comprising women and children among other tasks.Military police rolls have to maintain the Cantonment areas with military installations. Army Police will operate the movement of soldiers and equipment at times of peace and war.

This is a historic decision of the Modi Government. The Modi Government has constantly taken steps to empower women. This year on Army Day, women led the men’s army detachment for the first time in history, in which 144 men were involved. The lady, Lieutenant Prakash Kasturi, led the contingent of the men.

In another first, a lady officer saluted the guests while leading the army’s ‘Daredevils motorcycle display’ team. Captain Shikha Surabhi led the team of 33 men, the team that is famous for performing stunts.Opposition only makes huge claims of empowerment of women but has done nothing for it. It is the Modi Government which is empowering women in all fields and giving them a respectful life. In the Government itself i. e. in the cabinet PM Modi has given leading positions to women.

The decision of Modi Government is really applauded one. If you want to see such big changes happening in the nation then choose Prime Minister Modi led BJP Government in the upcoming elections. Don’t waste your vote on opposition which will do nothing than looting you

Source : Republic World