Now NSG ‘Black Cats’ to be deployed in Kashmir for counter terror operations, Home Ministry clears proposal!

Kashmir today is not the same heaven what we saw and heard 30 years back. The day the Jihadi elements chased away the Kashmiri Pandits killing and butchering them on streets, the heaven turned into hell. Since then, Kashmir became the place for Jihadis, terrorists and Anti-National who turned the state upside down.

The state which was once known for its scenic beauty,  today has only blood stains on walls, stones all over the city,  abandoned houses of Kashmiri Pandits occupied by terrorists and Jihadis. The only intention of these so-called separatists is to detach Kashmir from India calling it Azadi movement. No matter what facility you give, no matter what help you do, these people have been brain washed to believe that their true home in Pakistan and not India. Creating unrest, violence, riots in the valley so that no outsiders enter the city is their objective. The entire Kashmir is Muslim dominated and the same plan is being applied in Jammu as well to change the demography of the state.

This is exactly why these criminals do not want the Article 370 to be removed, they do not want any other state members entering into Kashmir. The recent incident where a Tamil Nadu tourist was killed by stone pelters was not accidental. It was a deliberate act done to scare the people and prevent them from coming to Kashmir.

Imagine if the same incident had happened elsewhere in the country, Imagine if a Kashmiri youth had been harassed or humiliated in any other part of India, the entire pseudo-liberal brigade would have been on streets talking about Human Rights Violations. But today no media wants to talk about it…Why? They want this to happen, so Kashmir is isolated from India.

If people think that talking, holding discussions with the so-called separatists will solve problem then it is completely wrong. Because their only agenda is to turn Kashmir into an Islamic state and separate it from India which we can never agree for. So, the only solution is to tame these Anti-National elements with all might and retain Kashmir in India.

The Home Ministry has now taken stern action and okayed the use of National Security Guards (NSG) in Kashmir as part of the counter-insurgency (CI) grid. The decision came following violence after the Indian Army killed 4 terrorists in the valley recently. The violence got intense to an extent an innocent tourist was also killed by these stone pelters. Last week, these criminals also attacked a school bus injuring many kids.

Home secretary Rajiv Guaba on May 4 issued written directions to national security agencies to the effect that Black Cat commandos will be part of the CI grid in Srinagar city as a first step and will also train the two forces within city jurisdiction. The instructions have been communicated to both DG NSG Sudeep Laktakia and DG, Jammu and Kashmir Police, SP Vaid. In this context, DG NSG is sending a senior officer team to meet DGP Vaid to assess the requirement of personnel and the kind of counter-insurgency training needed.

The NSG is regarded one of the most elite counter-terror force who are directly deputed from the Indian Army. They are well trained to handle most difficult situations during Hijack, counter insurgency, high-risk house intervention operations and Anti-terror strategies which is very much required in Kashmir to tame the terrorists.

It is indeed a welcome move by the government to tackle the terrorists problem in Kashmir.

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