Big embarrassment to Congress!!! Clean chit to Smriti Irani & University; Rohit Vermula committed suicide due to his own personal reasons

Suicide was not due to university action but he had his own problems. The statement mentioned in the report has sent the Rahul Gandhi and gang into eternal coma. Yes, the report was of Rohit Vemula suicide case.

The Enquiry Report said that Vemula didn’t commit suicide after the university punished him. So this has made clear that the university or BJP leaders weren’t responsible for his death.

The nation was already drowning in the disruptive politics carried on by Congress. But the “left’ added another issue and that was of Rohit Vemula.

Now the opposition may say that the report is far from reality. What else can be expected from them who are using disruptive politics?

Rohith Vemula, 26, killed himself days after he and four other students were suspended by the university and barred from its hostel. If this was the matter, the opposition would not have come out in support of him. But only due the word “Dalit” that was tagged to his name, the opposition parties of India attacked the Modi government day in and day out.

Vemula was not a Dalit?

The Justice Roopanwal Commission report said there is no proof that Mr Vermula’s mother V Radhika belongs to the “Mala” Dalit community, with which the scholar identified.

After the death of Rohith, the students accused union minister Smriti Irani and Bandaru Dattatreya of the BJP of pressurising the university to punish the five scholars.

“If he would have been angry with the decision of the university, certainly either he would have written in specific words or would have indicated in this regard. But he did not do the same. It shows that the circumstances prevailing in the university at that time were not the reasons for committing the suicide” the report said.

Report also said that “He was frustrated for the reasons best known to him. He did not blame anybody for his suicide”.

Nishika Ram