Breaking!! A big operation is happening in Cabinet Ministry of Narendra Modi! 6 Ministers out and 22 ministers in!

The central government will be reshuffling the cabinet ministers on September 4. The big exclusive news is 6 AIADMK members would get a place in Cabinet as well as JDU.

The Big Operation!

Sources said that “13 ministers to be reshuffled and few likely to be elevated.” Further, reported that, “Piyush Goel, Dharmendra Pradhan, Rathore, Javadekar, Jitendra Singh will be elevated. The 22 ministers from outside will be a part of the cabinet.”

It is reported that “AIADMK will get a big place in the cabinet, so the JDU.”

The merger of two rival factions of ruling AIADMK in Tamil Nadu – one led by CM Edappadi K Palaniswamy and other by former CM and O Panneerselvam – is good for PM Narendra Modi and the BJP president Amith Shah.

AIADMK announced their decision to join the Modi – led National Democratic Alliance at the Centre.

Two days ago, Bihar CM and JD(U) national president Nitish Kumar held his party convention in Patna and took a unanimous decision to join the NDA. The two big developments are from North and South, with their loaded implications, favorable to BJP, have become a big talking point in the power corridors in New Delhi.

Bihar and Tamil Nadu are big states and them both coming to the NDA kitty is a big political achievement for the Modi-Shah leadership.

the NDA will have gained a majority in the Rajya Sabha with the inclusion of 23 members in its rank (13 of AIADMK and 10 of JD-U). It would be the first occasion in Indian parliamentary history when any coalition other than one led by Congress passes the majority mark. The below majority mark numbers in Rajya Sabha had been a serious cause of concern for the Modi government when it came to several critical bills. BJP will no longer have that problem if it manages well on floor coordination on the day’s bills are up for voting.

The far bigger question that is being discussed privately and intensely among senior leaders in BJP including the ministers and those concerned in the hierarchical order of organizational structure is — whether these developments have been hastened at the behest of the top BJP leadership to effect the expansion-cum-reshuffle of Union council of ministers.

It would happen when Modi government has only 18 months left to showcase its performance for the 2019 General Elections to Lok Sabha. It will ideally also be the last such exercise. Modi needs to weed out the dead wood — either sack or shift the non-performing ministers — and infuse new blood. The Cabinet reshuffle could be an occasion for Modi to give a message to the nation that he cares for performance and merit.

A senior party leader said the situation has changed. Now, Amit Shah has fixed a target of 350 seats in the 2019 General Election to Lok Sabha for BJP, and the organization needs to be rebooted to have the energy and experience that would be required to achieve that target or come near it. This could lead to a situation where some Union ministers could be drafted for party work and some from the party could go to the government.