Big Expose ! Congress move backfires, Proofs emerged showing in 2004 Congress backed public-private partnership for restoration of monuments!

Once again the real face of Congress has been exposed in front of the nation. It has become clear that Congress always politicize every matter just to target PM Narendra Modi and his Government. To attack Modi Government they can stoop low to any length even if it involves creating hindrances to the development of the nation.

Yesterday the opposition and the Congress party made huge roar and cry on the government move to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with corporate company Dalmia Bharat Limited under the ‘Adopt a Heritage’ project to maintain the iconic Red Fort.

Attacking the government the Congress party posted a poll on Twitter, asking, “After handing over the Red Fort to the Dalmia group, which is the next distinguished location that the BJP government will lease out to a private entity? The Congress claimed that the Red Fort has been sold. The Congress also alleged that the government is taking this move in order to earn profits.

But today the expose made by Republic World has once again proved that Congress just did all this to target Modi Government. Republic TV has now accessed a video that totally negates Congress’ attack. The video clearly reflects that in 2004 even the UPA government led by Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh being Prime Minister was also interested in a public-private partnership for the restoration of the monuments.

In the video, Manmohan Singh can be heard saying “I sincerely hope more public-private partnerships can be evolved to to maintain and restore the monuments of our ancestors, which often lie in neglected condition in our cities.”

Even the UPA government was of the view that our monuments are in neglected condition and public-private partnership will be beneficial for the restoration of these monuments. So is it a specific attack by opposition just to target PM Narendra Modi Government? Will they be creating havoc like this on every move of government just to show the government in bad light.

Then one thing they should make themselves very clear. This is not going to happen. As the nation is well aware of all their tactics and foul plays and is not going to be trapped in their net. Infact they will raise their voices more stronger against the Congress party and opposition and will show them their deserving place.

The Ministry of State (MoS) for Culture, Mahesh Sharma, also rubbished the opposition’s allegations and said, that Dalmia Group is adopting Red Fort to render value addition services to it. He also clarified that 116 monuments would be adopted but there would be no monetary gain mentioned in the MoU.

The contract awarded to the Dalmia group reportedly envisions the group ‘developing’ the monument over five years to make it more tourist-friendly. The first step will be to upgrade the lighting, after which it’ll be handed over to the government ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on Independence Day.

So it is clear by the move of Government that it is being done only with the sole purpose of development and no hidden agendas are there.