Big Expose!!! Hardik Patel shot the sex tape himself in order to gain sympathy of Gujaratis?

Hardik Patel’s sex CD is making buzz all over the internet but what if it was a trap set by Congress and Hardik Patel to defame BJP ahead of Gujarat elections?

“Hardik Patel shot the video and leaked it in order to gain the sympathy of the Gujaratis?”

Why the girl’s face cannot be seen?

If one keenly observes the video, the face of the girl cannot be seen. In fact, she never turned back where the camera was placed. Now u may argue that the girl was sent by BJP. In case the girl was sent by BJP, how Hardik Patel on November 4th claimed that BJP was preparing to release a doctored sex CD of him?

What is the proof that BJP shot the video?

All the initials surveys done by the leading agencies have predicted that BJP will get 2/3rd majority in the Gujarat state. When this is the situation, BJP won’t do the mistake of harming its reputation by involving in these silly politics. But the Congress party and Hardik Patel are pointing fingers at the BJP but will they produce any proof to justify their claims?

The move by the Congress is suspicious!!!

Since the video was out, instead of distancing from Hardik Patel, the Congress party is supporting him. This may be another tactic to malign the image of BJP. After the video was out, Congress was seen attacking the BJP but this attack was totally absurd.

Hardik Patel was with a woman in the video and the Congress should have asked clarification from him. Instead of doing it, Congress started attacking BJP. Isn’t this fishy?

BJP never claimed that the video was released by them!!! But Congress and Hardik Patel are blaming BJP!!! Do you Know why?

If the CD was doctored or recorded by BJP, then why can’t he lodge a complaint? Hardik Patel claims that the video is fake and was created by BJP. If this is the case, then why doesn’t he lodge a complaint? The police investigation will clear the confusion regarding the same. But Hardik Patel has not even bothered to go to the police station, but why?

What is Hardik Patel’s intention of leaking the video?

Let us considered another angle of this sex tape!!! What if Hardik Patel himself leaked a video of his? How it will benefit him? The only reason that surfaces is to gain “sympathy”. Yes, as Hardik Patel is losing the support from his own community, the only way to retain it was by doing a big drama. Thus, few predict that it was a work by Hardik Patel himself.

With the help of three pseudo leaders- Hardik Patel, Jignesh Mewani, Alpesh Thakore- Congress party had hopes of sweeping Gujarat polls. But not just these three, even Rahul Gandhi failed miserably in the election rallies.

Will this help Congress and Hardik Patel?

Initially, the Congress party advised Rahul Gandhi to attend temples even though he hates Hinduism to the core. When that got failed terribly, they are trying to encash on the Hardik Patel’s sex tape. The Congress men are giving out statements that the BJP has violated right to privacy. But the people of Gujarat are disgusted with these dirty tactics and are set to embrace Modi’s BJP.

Hansika Raj


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