Big Expose!!! Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani is found to be the man behind anti-Modi Protests in UK?

Are Modi-haters getting down to the level of streets, in order to harm him? All love and respect towards the PM is on one side and his haters are on the other half. People are literally getting down to any level in order to defame PM Modi.

Here’s what has been found to stun you! In a shocking revelation, sources have told that Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani conspired with Abdul Majeed Tramboo, an ISI point-man in London to disrupt PM Narendra Modi’s UK tour by a fake propaganda protest and misinformation campaign.

Tramboo who has been active in espionage work for ISI in Europe also figured in the FBI charge-sheet against Ghulam Nabi Fai and is under investigation by several Indian agencies. Furthermore, Tramboo’s Kashmir Centre in London is funded by ISI.

Geelani even addressed the gathering of the paid staged protesters,sponsored by Pakistan, on Wednesday in London.

In his address, Geelani also tried to raise the case of 8 year old Kathua rape victim and provoke the crowd against India by spreading hatred and misinformation. He also alleged that India is using all its military might against the Kashmiris.

Geelani said that New Delhi is infringing all norms and ethics and has forcibly been landing all its forces in Jammu-Kashmir. He said that people in Kashmir are being traumatized and subjected to political vengeance.

“India while trampling all basic norms and ethics of ‘Indian independence Act of 1947’, against the wishes of people, occupied Jammu and Kashmir,” said Geelani.

“We are not demanding secession of any legal part of India, but our loud and clear demand is for the right to self-determination to decide political destiny of state,” he added. This is a pure issue to raise Communal violence among Hindus and Muslims in India! This is a pure issue to advertise India as a rape-prone country! One point to be highlighted in this issue, this is not about any particular religion, it is not about Hindu or Muslim, it is about the crimes committed on minors!

A motivated group of people gathered on the streets of London to protest Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the country. PM Modi is in London for his three-day visit to the UK for the Commonwealth heads of Government Meeting.

Stop blaming PM Modi for each and every crime in India. If Rahul Gandhi is not responsible of blunders of Congress, if Sonia Gandhi is not answerable for Congress scams, then why should PM Modi be answerable for every issue happening in the country?

Credit: Republic World



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