Big Expose!!! In Karnataka, a scheme is launched to renovate “Masjids and Churches” but with the money collected from temples!

“Offerings of temple” are being used to beautify, modernize and renovate masjids and churches under Aradhana Scheme under the Karnataka Government.

Have you ever thought, what happens to the money that you offer to god in temples? Have you given a thought over what cause it is used for? Have you ever wondered the money that you offer to god, is being used for the betterment of other religious centres like mosques and churches? Yes, the Congress government under Siddaramaiah is undergoing this mighty task.

To add to the scam list of Siddaramaiah government here’s another latest one. The Congress government of Siddaramaiah in Karnataka is lending the offerings collected in the temple for the renovation and upliftment of the non- Hindu religious places.
An RTI filed by Girish Bharadwaj has revealed that under the Aradhana project (Yojana) non-Hindu religious centres are eligible for financial assistance for the renovation.

While, the temple priests of such temples are getting a mere pay of Rs 3000/- per month. It is miserable that true priests lead a life of poverty these days. The families of Hindu priests are unable to meet the ends and are debt-ridden. Hindus of Karnataka must respond to this in the forthcoming election and kick out such Anti-Hindu government out of power.

“Hundi Kanike” which is offerings in the form of money to the temples is managed by the Muzra department is being widely misused for pleasing the minority community. Offering money in the Hundi will be mere stupidity instead offering money in the aarti plate, will at least contribute to their daily living.

A shocking revelation from a Hindu activist and president of Punarutthana Trust Sri Girish Bharadwaj has revealed that under the Aradhana Scheme of the Karnataka State government, funds received by the Muzrai department administering the temples, this department has earmarked for the development of Non-Hindu religious centres.

As per the Hindu endowments department following religious minorities are eligible under the Aradhana Scheme, which includes:
 Muslims
 Christians
 Sikh
 Jain
 Buddhists
 Parsi
 Anglo Indian

The condition of the temples is worse on Karnataka!

“You should see the sad state of the temples managed by the “Mujarai Department”. It’s a horrible state of affairs. It’s very disheartening to say that our malls are cleaner than the temples. Obviously, due to low wages…. things work only if you pay them money”.

Well, the Siddaramaiah government is commendable for this thought. What a splendid strategy thought off? Winning the hearts of the minority community must be learnt from these people. This strategy is gonna work in the upcoming Karnataka elections 2018 or not, this decision is left upto the choice of “the Janta Janardhana”. After all, they are the ultimate decision makers, aren’t they?

The Aradhana Scheme is reserved for all religious places equally and not meant to steal funds from one religion and serve it to the other. Which sought of Government is this discriminating among the religions? The government now might have appeasing justification to these allegations but nothing can cover-up this scam.Every religion and religion centre must be treated equally under the eye of any government.

Watch this Video!!! Where the money goes


Source: https://satyavijayi.com/offerings-temple-used-beautify-modernise-renovate-masjids-churches-aradhana-scheme-karnataka/