Big Expose on Jignesh Mevani!!! Dalits were attacked & forced to convert by a certain community but do you know what Jignesh Mevani did?

The acting skills of Jignesh Mevani must be really appreciated. Unfortunately, his name was not in the list of Padma Shree awardees which was announced on the eve of 69th Republic Day of India. Wherever Jignesh Mevani goes, the motor-mouth of his starts provocating the crowd and succeeds in converting them into an angry mob.

He shamelessly calls PM Modi with derogatory words, bashes certain castes and even religion. He divides the unity of Indians and tries to change the Indian soil into a battle field. He claims to be a saviour Dalits and the suppressed class. But when the Dalits are really attacked, this man acts like he has gone into a coma.

Dalits attacks by the Muslims and forced to convert, but Jignesh is busy attacking PM Modi!

In the Mohlaka village of Haryana, a Dalit family had to face the atrocities of the Muslim community of that village. The reason for this violence on the Dalit family was that they refused to convert to Islam. The population of this village is 3000 and out of this, only 7 family are of Dalits and rest are of Muslim families.

The person who had to face the wrath of the Muslims was Kishan. He said that Islam, Taufeeq, Mosim, Ataru and Asmina attacked the Dalit family using sticks and iron rods, after he refused to convert to Islam.

As Kishan leaves in a below poverty  line, he was allotted a plot by the government but a man named Islam illegally occupied his nearby site and began to threaten him if he wouldn’t convert to Islam. When a Muslim is allegedly denied a room becuase of his religion, it gains mainstream media attention but when worse happens to Hindus, no one cares.

This kind of violence was not for the first as a family had fled from the village after a community had tortured them. But Jignesh Mevani is  busy attacking PM Modi and peace loving Hindus. This man didn’t even make an effort to contact the Dalit family that was tortured by another community.

But have a look at Jignesh Mevani’s statements where he is seen supporting a criminal!

  • Bhim Army’s Chandra Shekhar ‘Ravan’ is a threat for BJP to come to power in 2019 and therefore he is targeted. Will fight it out ‘Ravan’.
  • If anything happens to Bhim Army’s Chandrasekhar Ravan than it won’t be good for indian democracy. Don’t let our faith get shattered.

  • Narendra Modi Pakoda Stall, unique protest happening right now at Bangalore just out side BJP city office.Let us take it all over the country.

This man has no other work than mocking the historic moves of the Modi government. It is high time that the Dalits of India must understand this man’s hidden agenda and stop supporting him.

Hansika Raj