Big expose on the man who said that he has no religion and fooled Hindus!!! Actor Kamal Haasan’s Christian links exposed

The actor turned recent politician- Kamal Haasan is receiving negative vibes from the people now. The actor who had a better impression being in the movies is now towards spoiling his image of being a renowned artist.

Although not all movie stars become successful in politics, MGR and Jayalalitha were two exceptions who became very successful in their political career. The two parties DMK and AIADMK ruled Tamil Nadu politics for more than 3 decades turning the state into their fortress. After MGR, Jayalalitha became extremely popular with her development schemes. She was one of the most popular leaders in the entire south India.

However her demise left a big void in the state leadership and Tamil Nadu which was regarded as one of the strongest state, came tumbling down with no leader. All the initiatives taken by Jayalalitha went into vain and the state became directionless and engulfed in corruption.

This paved way for many movie stars like Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan and many others who wanted to test their luck in politics. Rajinikanth announced that he will be joining Politics 3 months back; however, he has not openly endorsed support to any National parties or confirmed about starting his own party.

On the other hand, Kamal Hassan who also took advantage of the situation announced his joining politics and also started his own party called Makkal Needhi Maiam (MNM).

Of course, anyone in the country has a right to start political parties; they have every right to support the person they like. But what we are observing in Kamal Hassan is a hatred attitude towards a section of community i.e. the Hindus. Ever since he decided to join politics he has been very vocal against Hindu religion calling them extremists and communal. This attitude of him showing hatred towards a certain community is definitely not a healthy sign for democracy.

A leader can definitely not be partial towards a particular community. A leader is looked up to as a role model and each individual, as well as every religion is equal to him. Being biased towards a particular religion does not seem to be a good signs.

Also, Kamal Haasan says he worked for Christian Media center to spread the word of Christ

Hence it is proved that Kamal Haasan is a new face of Christian mafia in Tamil Nadu, funded by the churches. Hope his funds will be investigated on further terms. Kamal’s party website http://Maiyam.com is registered in Cayman Island. Christian Media Centre, which handles media for South Indian Churches has registered address 47, Eldams Road. This is Kamal’s Eldam’s Road Property.

The question here is why does he have so much hatred against Hindus?! For the past few days, the social media is filled with many videos and interviews of Kamal Hassan which were taken many years back before he entered political life.


In the video, you can see him telling that he was working for a Christian Missionary spreading the work of Jesus many years back before he joined politics. The missionary which he was working was placed in Cayman Islands and it is told that they were involved in mass scale conversion activities in Tamil Nadu.
It has now been understood that the same missionary is providing support to Kamal Hassan for his political ambition.

The major concern here is, Kamal Hassan party website is registered in Cayman Islands which is taken care by Christian Media Centre which handles the South Indian Churches media. This same company was caught in massive FCRA violation and tax fraud. But what is surprising is the directors of this company are none other than Kamal Hassan himself.


Is Kamal Hassan working with Christian Missionaries of Cayman Islands, is this the main reason for his hatred towards Hindus?