Big Expose on the man who was arrested at Arvind Kejriwal’s residence for carrying a pistol and live cartridge

The chief minister of Delhi never goes out of business as he has mastered the art of garnering publicity with his tricks of blaming PM Modi for each and every incident. In a span of few days, Arvind Kejriwal has been attacked twice.

The first one was a chilly attack at the residence of Kejriwal and after this attack people suspected this was an orchestrated attack and also questioned why attacks happen only front of CCTV cameras.

And the second one was of a man who was caught with a gun and bullet at the residence of Kejriwal. Note that he didn’t fire any gun shot or even attacked Kejriwal. Soon, as expected, Kejriwal said “Narendra Modi should resign if he can not protect Delhi’s chief minister”. Now we will reveal whether PM Modi is involved in this alleged attack on Delhi’s CM.

Mohammad Imran, a caretaker in a Karol Bagh mosque took Gun to Kejriwal’s residence!

Yes, the man who attacked Arvind Kejriwal was Mohammad Imran and he work as a caretaker in a Karol Bagh mosque. Now the question is why did Mohammad Imran took gun with him while he visited the residence of Delhi CM.

After the arrest was made and inquiry was carried out, the police said that Mohammad Imran had come with 12 other Imams and Maulvis to meet Mr Kejriwal in connection with increasing salary of staff working in Delhi Waqf Board.

Yes, Mohammad Imran represented a Muslim organisation and wanted a salary hike from Kejriwal and not from PM Modi. So how could Kejriwal even accuse PM Modi? This is purely a publicity stunt by Kejriwal.

Revealing more on the identity of Mohammad Imran, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (North) Harendra Singh said “During search and frisking at the residence, he was found carrying a live cartridge of .32 bore in his wallet. He was then apprehended and handed over to local police. A case under Arms Act has been registered and he has been arrested”.

Other than providing a good governance, Kejriwal is doing all sorts of drama just to hide his anarchy. Earlier a man had carried out a chilly attack and while interrogating, the accused said “Whatever I could have done, I did today. Since nine years he has been making a fool of us. Since nine years he is shadowing his true identity in the pretext of being a nationalist. On Facebook, a true nationalist wrote, I have become crazy for him. Even if some shoots me, I am crazy for him. That doesn’t mean you should keep quiet. Will you keep quiet?”.

Hansika Raj


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