BIG EXPOSE! Was the Previous Congress Government and RBI Involved in Printing Counterfeit Notes of 500 and 1000???

In a very shocking incident it has come to light that during Congress rule, the RBI was found to be printing multiple notes of SAME SERIAL NUMBER!!!

This is most scandalous news that is now being discussed in social media. Pictures of few low denomination notes bearing the same serial number was posted on twitter and face book. In order to learn the inner truth, we checked various sources and came to know that in the year 2010 the CBI based on some information had conducted multiple raids on Reserve Bank of India and had found huge cash of counterfeit notes in the denominations of 500 and 1000.

The CBI then had raided over 70 branches of RBI where they had found multiple currencies with same serial numbers.  Majority of the counterfeit notes were found in the branches near Indo-Nepal border. When the CBI arrested the bank managers and questioned them, they had said they had received these notes from the RBI itself.


This is how a counterfeit currency looks like!!

But this entire issue was completely buried and no media ever highlighted this scandal. It is said that the CBI was told to drop this matter from higher authority. The Congress government had deliberately hidden all the reports regarding the fake notes and it is said that it even suppressed the issue during parliamentary debate.

After several months of investigation by few media and independent journalists, they came to know that the company which was printing the notes for India was also printing counterfeit notes in 500 and 1000 denominations.

It was later disclosed that when CBI seized the currencies in RBI, they had found that it was the same counterfeit notes that have been smuggled by the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. But the question is how did these notes land up in the RBI??? Was the ISI network so strong that they had managed to penetrate into one of the most protected department, or was there something fishier that an insider from the government itself had a hand in this massive racket?!

The CBI had questioned many bank officials regarding this matter, but no one knows what really happened to those investigations and what had the bank officials revealed. During the investigations, CBI raided many offices and officials and understood that the fake currency and counterfeit notes were being supplied from Nepal border, there were many fake currency mafia caught in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh as well.

When these criminals were produced in courts, the state lawyers were so stupid that they never realized the depth and seriousness of the issue and just asked courts to verify whether the notes were fake or real….But the situation turned gruesome when the Indian labs returned these notes saying they were ORIGINAL!!! The CBI was totally stunned at the lab report and wondered if the notes were real then why were they being sold at HALF PRICE of the denominations???!

The CBI were simply not convinced with the lab reports and sent the notes to Japan and Hong Kong, but they received the same answer that the notes were real. The CBI were completely baffled and they decided to send the notes to an American Laboratory which specializes on these lines. The results which were out were SHOCKING.

The American laboratory revealed that all the notes were COUNTERFEIT and not ORIGINAL!!! The report said that the notes had striking similarities and it was almost impossible to differentiate between the counterfeit notes and original notes.

The American Laboratory said that this type of printing can only be done by a state of art facilities and not by a regular fake currency mafia. The report also said that few dissimilarities were injected on counterfeit notes deliberately for someone who could recognize.

The biggest question was…How did these notes get into the TREASURY CHEST of the Reserve Bank of India???

According to experts, the way the Indian currency notes are printed it is almost impossible to fake them. Firstly people would not know what material and which paper will be used, what inks and colours are used and mainly the security features in the notes are simply impossible to understand. Pakistan definitely does not have such facility to print counterfeit notes with 90% similarities.

During the final stage of investigation, the CBI came to know shocking truth that the ISI and the RBI had the same source of currency papers. The company which supplied special watermark paper for printing currency to India was also supplying same paper to Pakistan as well. The company called the DE LARUE had the biggest contract with the RBI and government of India. The contracts between the Nations are kept secret and no one will ever know the dealing between the company and Nations.

In that case, how did the ISI know about the contract between the Delarue and India?? Even though if the company had broken trust and indulged in revealing information to Pakistan, how did they know about security features of the currency notes???

So this meant only two things….either there was a very powerful official either from the RBI or the government who had  leaked every information about the company which supplies the currency paper and the security features as well. It cannot be some clerk or any worker in RBI who could have passed the information, since no person except the top officials in RBI and government would know about the security features.

After the entire RACKET was busted in the year 2011, the Congress government had to face serious questions as to how did the most secretive information which involves the economic stability of the country was so easily available to ISI??? The issue was very soon buried and the Congress refused to hold debated in the parliament and said that they will cancel all the contracts with the Delarue Company.

But after few months, Tim Cobald of DE LARUE company had revealed that the government had not cancelled the contract and were still holding talks with the government. This was nothing but a organized LOOT of the country by then Congress government.

Even after they came to know that DE LARUE was not trustable, why did they continue talks with them?? Were the Congress government worried that DE LARUE would reveal the truth about who passed the security feature details to the company?

Today Congress may have forgotten, but there are a lot of questions Congress needs to answer if the case is reopened!!!

Aishwarya S