BIG EXPOSE! Pseudo Liberal and Secular Brigade Plan Master Strategy for Mission ‘SAVE YASIN BHATKAL”

After 3 long years of rigorous scrutiny by the judicial system, the dreaded terrorist Yasin Bhatkal was finally convicted for the 2013 Dilsuknagar blast which killed over 19 people and injured 130 people. He along with 4 other terrorists have been proven guilty and sentenced to Death by the special NIA court.

But now the same liberal brigade who had earlier created outcry over death sentence of Afzal Guru and Yakub Menon are planning new strategy to save Yasin Bhatkal from death sentence. The first person to start the narrative was none other than AIMIM President, Asaduddin Owaisi. He said that that NIA has accused Yasin Bhatkal in Hyderabad blast case for the only reason that he is a Muslim and if he belonged to any Non-Muslim category, then he would have been spared by Modi government. He immediately picked up the issue of Babri masjid and said those who destroyed it are real terrorists and government should punish them.

His concern is not about people, but the vote banks and the community he represents which will be hurt the most. The so called innocent Yasin Bhatkal wanted to use nuclear weapon to blast Surat. He revealed to NIA during interrogation that he wanted to get Nuclear weapons from Pakistan to plan a nuclear blast in Surat city of Gujarat.

He said that he had asked the Pakistan boss Riyaz Bhatkal to arrange a small nuclear bomb, to which the Riyaz had agreed and told anything can be arranged in Pakistan. “Riyaz told that attacks can be done with nuclear bombs. I requested him to look for one nuclear bomb for Surat.”
But Riyaz was concerned that Muslims will die in the blast and they planned to stick posters in Mosques informing Muslims to silently vacate their families from the city.

Will Owaisi answer for his innocent friend Batkal??

These people who want to raise the slogan Terror has no religion, in selective cases should remind themselves that Yasin Bhatkal did not wanted to kill people of his religion, but others.

Following Owaisi, the next people to start sympathy campaign was India Today and Dailymail by bringing his wife’s misery saying she has no money to feed ten kids. Lets consider logically, he was married in the year 2011 and got arrested in 2013, so how did he make 10 kids in 2 years ?? Whoever published that article should be either foolish to believe that Yasin Bhatkal had 10 kids in 2 years or he just wanted to create sympathy to save Yasin Bhatkal.

Zahida Irshad Khan, the 28-year-old wife of Yasin Bhatkal as expected said that she lost her teaching job after her husband was convicted in Hyderabad blast case. She said her husband has been implicated falsely and he was innocent. She questioned that why doesn’t the society leave her husband and her family alone?!

Well, probably she doesn’t understand the pain of 20 families who were killed in cold blood by her husband. Why didn’t her husband leave the society alone???

This is not the first time the pseudo liberal brigade has tried to save terrorists. Earlier it was Afzal Guru and Yakub Menon who were projected as innocents to save them from death sentence. The JNU Afzal Guru Incident lead by Kanhaiya Kumar showed how these people in the name of freedom of speech were trying to build narrative against the National interest.

Some of the reports in media also said that the people who had applied mercy petition for Yakub Menon are again planning to apply for Yasin Bhatkal and wants to change the death sentence to life imprisonment. It is said that media is also planning to show the poverty side of Yasin Bhatkal family and project him as a mis-guided youth and not a hard core terrorist. Some lawyers with the help of so called Human rights activists are planning to meet the President and submit mercy petition.

The biggest problem in India is not outside enemies, but the enemies within, who hide their face in the name of Intellects, human right activists and seculars and are posing biggest threat to National security.

Aishwarya S