BIG EXPOSE! Why Did Rahul Gandhi Use ‘SAHARA’ India’s Car for Campaigning in Uttar Pradesh???

Rahul Gandhi had recently alleged that Prime Minister had taken bribes from the Sahara Group when he was the chief minister. The same allegations had been made earlier by AAP leader Prashant Bhushan, but the documents he’d provided as evidence were termed ‘fictitious’ by the Supreme Court.

It is not only shameful that Rahul Gandhi is basing his allegations on the same unverified documents, but also that he has now been found using assets of the same Sahara Group for his party’s campaigning! Talk about hypocrisy.

The picture below shows Rahul Gandhi campaigning in Uttar Pradesh.

The screenshot below shows the details of the car that Rahul Gandhi is campaigning in, &the owner name is ‘Sahara India’.

 There would be people who’d doubt the authenticity of this screenshot, or even term it as fake & claim that this is an attempt to falsely malign Rahul Gandhi. But it is not. You can check for yourselves by following the process below –

  1. Open App Store on your Android phone
  2. Enter ‘Car Info’ in the search box at the top
  3. The first application is ‘Car Info Vehicle Registration’ by Cuvora
  4. Download it
  5. Open the app & you’ll see a box asking for the vehicle number
  6. Enter ‘UP 32 DZ 7000’ & search

Rahul Gandhi uses even cars of the Sahara Group for his campaigning; one can only imagine how else must the Congress Party be collaborating with this corrupt business entity for personal gains. The irony of the situation is not lost on the people. He recently accused Prime Minister Modi of having clandestine deals with the Sahara Group, & here he is using the same group’s car for campaigning.

Clearly, the Congress doesn’t have a lack of funds. It is one of the top owners of land in the country. It has had a hand in the majority of scams that’ve taken place in India right since Independence. Then how does this party not have the funds to even buy a car for campaigning?

The Congress Vice President needs to be asked as to why does he feel the need to use the assets of a corrupt businessman? And how deep is the relationship between his party & the Sahara Group? If the BJP & the media doesn’t ask this, the people should. Hypocrisy of any such kind in the top realms of Indian politics needs to be exposed, & this is another one of Congress’s ‘skeletons’ that could prove harmful for the party in the future.

Source: Pgurus.com

Vinayak Jain