Big Expose!!! Rohingya Muslims are issued birth certificates in Mamatha Banerjee’s West Bengal

East, West, North, South!!! From all these four directions, we can hear only one word and that is Rohingya and Rohingya!!!! Even the protest march has become common in India against the decision of Modi government to deport nearly 40,000 Rohingyas from the nation.

Who are these Rohingya Muslims and why are they so important to seculars and liberals of India? Why these didn’t protest when RSS workers were butchered? When Indians are baffled with all these questions, another shocking and suspicious event has taken place in India.

Can you believe that Rohingyas are allotted birth certificates in West Bengal? This is all happening in Mamatha Banerjee’s state.

This racket was busted soon after a man named Mohd Ismail, 20 years old was arrested in Hyderabad. By this, one thing is clear that Mamatha Banerjee’s government is compromising with safety and security of the nation. This is really a serious security breach and will cost the nation a lot because it has been proven that Rohingya Muslims are slowly inclining towards terrorist organisations and even anti-social activities.

The documents seized by the police include Adhar Card, Voter identity card, birth certificate from Dum Dum Municipality (West Bengal), PAN Card, UNHCR card.

These Rohingyas were born in Myanmar but shockingly they possess birth certificate of West Bengal state. What else is going to happen in Mamatha Banerjee’s West Bengal?

Recently, a 65 year old Rohingya, Noor-ul-Islam was arrested by Jammu police for trafficking girls. This man’s last victim was an infant. From kids to old people, the Rohingyas have penetrated all over the nation. During investigation, Noor-ul-Islam said that he lure girls in West Bengal and sell them to Jammu. He had sold more than 20 females.

The readers need to focus on two names and those are West Bengal and Jammu. One should probe into who provide support to people like Noor-ul-Islam to sell girls from West Bengal to Jammu? A big nexus is involved for sure.

Terrorism had no religion but for political mileage Hindu terrorism was coined and now the most peaceful community (Buddhists) is called as terrorists. But no one talks on why there is wide spread anger against the Rohingyas. Even the international media has tried to change the narrative, Yes, BBC had posted the picture of Hindus of Myanmar and projected as the Rohingyas are fleeing their villages due to the violence of the Buddhists.

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