Big Expose! RTI application reveals massive irregularities in appointments of staff in JNU!

The Jawaharlal Nehru University has always been in news for all the wrong reasons which has lead to massive embarrassment to the University. The university became the centre point of discussion after the students of left wing held an event for terrorists Afzal Guru in 2016 and chanted anti Indian and pro Pakistan slogans in the heart of the capital.

Since then, the activities in the JNU’s have been under scrutiny which has lead to the expose of major irregularities and fraudulent activities in the university. Since years there were reports on irregularities in appointment of teachers in the University which were never highlighted by any media or news channel. It was alleged that most of the rules and regulations were overlooked in order to facilitate left wing people.

Now, a major fraud in appointment of a person called Amitabh Singh has been exposed by RTI activist. In 2016, Dr Amitabh Singh was selected as Associate Professor in the Centre For Russian Central Asian Studies, School of International Studies. For any person to be selected as Associate Professor, he/she should have a minimum of 8 years experience. But it is understood that Amithab Singh has only six years and seven months experience. But this man has claimed that he has 8 years experience including the time he was enrolled as a M.phil/P.hd programme from July 1992 to July 1999. But  this period cannot be considered as experience, as he was considered a student then.

The other issue is, Mr Amitabh Singh does not have an API score of 300 that is mandatory and he was not issued the interview call letter and only after his special representation, interview call letter was issued. The API scores required for the post of Associate Professor were 300 and Amitabh Singh was awarded 332.5 marks after intervention. But the fact is, Amitabh Singh has fraudulently suppressed facts and on that basis was awarded 35 marks for a paper titled “Towards a World free of Nuclear Weapons reporting an international conference ” which, is in fact a co-authored paper with Ginu Zacharia Ommen. (Evidence: 2008 vol-lxiv-2).

In a query submitted to the JNU, the administration replied that the marks were given after final discussion with the Vice-Chancellor of JNU, the Internal quality Assurance Cell who then, held that for papers published in journals with multiple co-authors, the first and corresponding author will get full points for the publications and others will get 50% marks for the publication. Amitabh Singh has thus been awarded full marks.

However, The UGC has clearly mentioned that in case of multiple authors the marks would be divided in the ratio of 60:40. (Please refer to page 107 of the ugc regulations 2010). Further the UGC has clearly clarified that under no circumstances the rule of the UGC can be altered (document named UGC RTI). Thus Amitabh Singh is eligible for only 21 marks and not 35 marks for this paper and also is not eligible for 20 marks for the ICSSR project, though he has strangely also not filled it up in the application form (page no 15 of document named jnu rti). Amitabh Singh also claims to have completed a project from ICSSR for which he was awarded 20 marks but JNU has provided a document which shows that the project was awarded to another person (page no 3 of the document JNU VC Appeal reply).

But the ICSSR has clarified that no project was awarded to Amitabh Singh. Thus he stands to lose 14 marks wrongly awarded in excess for the co-authored paper and 20 marks for the project and reducing 34 marks from his API would place him with only 298.5 marks well below the mandated 300 marks.

Amitabh Singh also has not submitted any evidences in the form of attendance certificates to prove that he has attended conference/seminars and paper presentations as per the IQAC which had given him marks based on his claims (documents named IQAC , page no 13 and 15 of document named jnu rti and document named amitabh singh no evidence conference RTI). EVIDENCE: IQAC

Amitabh Singh has also not guided any doctoral candidate leading to the award of degree which is a mandatory condition as per 4.30.iv of UGC 2010 as is evident from his application. According to the UGC 2010 rules, a candidate for the post of Associate professor should show evidence of having guided a doctoral candidate but the same criteria was not met and this is an essential qualification as per 4.30. iv of the UGC 2010 regulations.

So basically, Amitabh Singh was given the post of Associate Professor without verifying facts and documents just because he was a left wing activist. These fraudulent procedures of recruiting left wing activists and supporters have become very common in JNU. This is exactly the reason why we have seen many teachers in JNU provoking students and extending their support for anti National activities speaking against the country in the campus.They have also been part of those gang who have celebrated the death of our soldiers in Kashmir.

Unless these irregularities are stopped, the JNU will continue to be a hub of anti national activities misleading innocent minds and spewing venom against our own country.