BIG EXPOSE! RTI Application Reveals Shocking Information on Manish Sisodia’s Educational Qualifications!

‘Before you point fingers look in the mirror’- this saying is applicable to our honorable minister Arvind Kejriwal. The Delhi CM was in the news recently, for accusing PM Modi of not understanding ‘economics’. In his opinion, PM Modi has no formal education to understand ‘demonetization’. He raised doubts about his understanding of the economics; therefore, the economy, his decisions and blah blah!

But whom would you trust more- a PM whose humble background is no-hidden fact from the public, or union of ministers, who ceased to deliver-when in-power?   

Not that we really care about education when it comes to operating in politics. It is good administration, which convinced majority of us to see Modiji as our next PM. But then if you browbeat about it, then you must be receptive to hear.

Let us forget about economics for a moment; even forget about demonetization. Let’s draw attention to the honesty and integrity of-Aam Admi Party. This one political party came to power on its ‘anti-corruption’ propaganda. Indians voted for the perceived ‘clean’ politics in India; with a sentiment of nationality, hatred for corruption, and corrupt leaders, firing us into action. We obviously expected, only and only, honest cabinet of ministers.Honest to the T.

The vote bank of Aap believed in the ‘honey-dripping’ vows of Arvind Kejriwal, and his prominent brigade-Manish Sisodia, Prashant Bhushan. They were India’s political brand ambassadors of honesty, and everything to do with it-literaly! And that is the very reason that they disappoint now.

It now seems that even Manish Sisodia understands only politics and no economics. Manish Sisodia, an aam-admi has no proof of his educational qualifications-reveals an RTI query

According to a media report, AAP degree row: This will Shock you again- They were beating their chest and shouting on top of their voices saying Modi’s degrees are fake- DU gave a jaw breaking answer to them. But first an RTI exposed Arvind Kejriwal’s Fake Degree. And now an RTI Query exposed the Deputy CM of Delhi- Manish Sisodia who sent a letter to DU yesterday for presenting Modi’s degree to Delhi Government. RTI reply to Delhi Government, NO record of Deputy CM Manish Sisodia’s degree.

Yes- In an RTI Query to #RTI from #Amitab_Kundoo, PIO in Delhi Chief Secretary office, it has been found that they have no Record for Manish Sisodia’s Education (10th, 12th, Graduation, Post Graduation)- which should be present with the government as it has to be submitted before taking over the offices (If you are educated).

How will our honorable minister, Arvind Kejriwal reply to Manish Sisodia, handling Finance and Planning, Revenue, Services, Power, Education, Higher Education, Information Technology, Technical Education, Administrative Reforms portfolios in the government of Delhi…big oops moment!!!

Leave alone his understanding of (his own portfolio subjects), he has failed us as a Delhi representative- by being a dishonest minister in the Delhi cabinet.

Any public servant is required to give a proof of his educational qualification. Even if we safely assume that he does not hold a degree in Finance, IT, or any technical education- unfortunately, career in politics does not require you to be professionally qualified.

But can you please confirm (in public interest) that he by all means is an honest minister; that he was true to his commitment as a political citizen now? That his self-proclamation of a PG Degree in Journalism from Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan is true? Once again the public is left in lurch, with news raising serious doubts that Manish Sisodia may not well be even formally educated?

Pooja Bhatia