Big Expose!!! Sting operation confirms that Congress is behind the Fake Voter IDs that were seized in Bangalore

In an another expose it has been again confirmed that it is the Congress Party which is responsible for the scam of 10,000  fake voter identity cards that were recovered from an apartment in Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore along with the laptops and printers.

According to the string operation carried out by the Republic World, one of the stung tout associated with the whole scandal has confirmed that she was working for the Congress candidate Munirathna Naidu. She has confirmed that she was assigned the task to bribe voters of economically weaker sections. The Congress party has devised this whole plan very strategically. Touts went door-to-door to profile their targets. The voter IDs were collected from the surveyed persons and they were allegedly going to be given back to them on voting day (May 12) in exchange.The plan of the party basically was to target the voters on the basis of their predetermined needs.

Here is the glimpse of telephonic conversation happened between the RepublicTV and Editor Niranjan Narayanaswamy and the tout.

Republic TV: What happened yesterday?

Tout: Where?

Republic TV: In Rajarajeshwarinagar

Tout: Who are you?

Republic TV: I’m calling from office. Did they take away all the cards?

Tout: Who are you sir?

Republic TV: I’m calling from the head office

Tout: From head office?

Republic TV: Yes. How many cards have we lost?

Tout: To whom?

Republic TV: Have they taken away the voter ID cards given to you?

Tout: Yes

Republic TV: But how many cards have we lost?

Tout: How many? I’ve given at least 50 cards

Republic TV: You gave 50 cards?

Tout: Yes

Republic TV: Didn’t Munirathna tell you anything after this happened?

Tout: No we didn’t tell him. The BJP came to us and took it away

Republic TV: But you had collected these cards to give to Munirathna (Congress MLA and Rajarajeshwari candidate) right?

Tout: Yes we were on his side. We had collected it for him. They showed us money and cheques, so we kept them ready

Republic TV: Who told you they’ll give money?

Tout: BJP

Republic TV: But you had kept them ready for Congress?

Tout: Yes

The tout has confessed that she had given at least 50 voter ID cards which were taken by the BJP in the raid.

This is not the first proof that is confirming the links of Congress Party in relation to the fake voter ID scandal. Earlier video proofs have also emerged showing the business cards of Congress MLA candidate Muniratna, water bottles with Congress logo and pamphlets of Congress along with the fake voter id cards found in the flat. The state’s Chief Election Officer had also confirmed that the operation seemed to be an attempt to influence voters, though he declined to furnish specific information in light of the ongoing police investigation. Corporator Venkatesh and one Congress worker called Nataraj from RR constituency have also been arrested by the Election Commission in this regard.

It has been clearly exposed that Congress is resorting to illegal means for winning the election. This has nothing to do with the BJP. When Congress got exposed, they are just trying to divert the attention of voters by shifting the blame of their shameful tactics on BJP. The Election Commission has to take most stringent action against these corrupts. People of Karnataka should  understand the dramas of Congress party and should throw them out of the Karnataka by not voting them.

Video proofs.showing the business cards of Congress MLA candidate Muniratna, water bottles with Congress logo and pamphlets of Congress along with the fake voter id cards found in the flat

Massive blow to Congress, G K Venkatesh Congress Corporator arrested in Voter ID scam in Bangalore!