Big Expose!!! The truth about Karnataka Government’s Anna Bhagya Scheme

The Congress government of Karnataka is boasting of its Anna Bhagya scheme which involves distribution of basic food items to below poverty line families. Many Congress handles on Twitter are lauding the Siddaramaiah government for initiating the scheme and changing the lives of the poor. But will they point out the truth?

This tweet shows the truth of the scheme depicting who truly is funding the scheme –

Following are the letters mentioned in the tweet –

This letter from the Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution speaks the truth regarding the Anna Bhagya scheme. The Siddaramaiah government is taking all the credit for the scheme, but this letter busts the claim.

In the reply to the RTI, it is clear that Rs 29.64 is borne by the central government while just Rs 3 by the state government, which means that 90% of the cost is borne by the government at the center. Then how can the Karnataka government take complete credit for it? The majority of the funding is done by the central government. Hopefully local BJP leaders will take this message to the public.

The Siddaramaiah government has been in many controversies in recent times one of which was the government celebrating Tipu Jayanti. Despite many protests, the government went on to celebrate it. Union minister Anant Kumar Hegde had recently alleged that the state has become a safe haven for Bangladeshi immigrants.

Polls in Karnataka are to be held in May 2018. In the last elections Congress won a comfortable victory with 122 seats out of the total 225. BJP got 44 seats. This time the BJP expects to turn the situation around completely and get a majority. It is banking of the dynamic duo of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah along with a popular local leader in the form of BS Yeddyurappa. The center’s work since 2014 will also be a talking point for the BJP.

The party will look to raise both the development issue and Hindutva issue with the latest attempts by the Karnataka government to take over temples. One thing is for sure that with the Congress losing almost every state that it is fighting, it’ll find very hard to retain power in Karnataka. And if it does lose then the ‘grand old party’ will have no major state in its rule.

Vinayak Jain


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