BIG EXPOSE! WATCH How Arvind Kejriwal Is Using Social Media to Spread FAKE News About Narendra Modi!

Remember this below picture??? It had gone viral on social media some time back when Narendra Modi first declared that he was married to Joshadaben in the affidavit during 2014 elections, the opposition wanted to exploit this news and project as if Modi had done a crime.



They started spreading false information on social media and main stream media that he was pretending to have estranged his wife just to gain sympathy and win elections. The opposition, especially Kejriwal’s party started to post images of Narendra Modi standing with a lady calling her his wife.

But the truth of this is now out and Kejriwal’s team which was involved in this BIG DRAMA has been completely exposed.

Firstly, the lady in the picture is NOT the WIFE of PM Modi and this is not Modi’s marriage picture. This picture was taken in a wedding and she is the DAUGHTER of KASHIRAM RANA! Kashiram Rana was a BJP Member of Parliament from Surat, Gujarat. He has four daughters and this was taken in one of his daughter’s wedding. Mr. Rana is seen standing in the picture.


The AAPtards stooped so low that they even started spreading fake news that the groom in the Picture was Yeshwant Deshmukh (Indian psephologist of CVoter) and he is a BJP agent because he tweeted something in favour of demonetization. Yeshwanth Deshmukh had rebutted this charges on twitter.

Recently Abhishek Mishra a social media activists of the Aam Aadmi Party was exposed when he posted a picture of man claiming that he died because he could not get his old notes exchanged in bank, but later it was found that the man who hanged himself was a thief and committed suicide fearing arrest from police. The villagers had caught the thief while he was looting a bank.


Kejriwal without verifying facts had tweeted the same to spread false information and create panic among people. The entire web of lies was exposed and Abhishek Mishra deleted his twitter account in embarrassment.

Kejriwal Tweets Image of ‘Dead Thief’ as Innocent Who Died Standing in Queue….Gets Caught!

Abhishek Mishra is none other than a person who has been hired by Arvind Kejriwal to spread FAKE news against Narendra Modi.

Watch this video which was taken in a sting operation, where Abhishek Mishra himself reveals that how he plans to spread as much FAKE news as possible against the BJP and Modi government.

This same man was once a BJP supporter, but his popularity had gained attention with AAPtards who later hired him paying huge amount to work for AAP social media. Since then he is being paid enormous amount by Arvind Kejriwal  for just spreading false information. He uses photo shopped images and creates fake videos just to malign the Modi government.

Watch this video

Here you can see how Abhishek Mishra is blasting the JNU students who chanted slogans against India but….weren’t these same students whom Arvind Kejriwal himself supported??

Now after his BOSS Arvind Kejriwal hired him, see what he talks about NDTV which was banned for one day for their irresponsible reporting on Pathankot attack and revealing sensitive information of Army posts!

So did his ideology change suddenly?? Or did he sell his love for country for the money Arvind Kejriwal gave?? Truth is, this man Abhishek Mishra was called by Arvind Kejriwal few months back promising to pay hefty amounts if he can work for AAP. According to internal sources, Abhishek Mishra had himself revealed this information to his close friend in BJP.

This is how Arvind Kejriwal has hired people to manage his media cell exclusively to taint the image of Modi with fake propaganda. He is paying huge amount to people in social media and main stream media to suit his agendas. This is exactly why he spends 24 hours on twitter tweeting Anti Modi tweets every minute.

Aishwarya S