Big jolt for Congress, former Karnataka CM SM Krishna to join BJP, movie star Ambreesh to follow next?

SM Krishna, a Congress party veteran, who served the party for over 40 years, has recently resigned from Congress. His statement to the media is shared through this tweet.

Media has been abuzz with news of SM Krishna feeling disappointed under the present Congress leadership. If we look at his statement closely, it seems it is really ‘no-leadership’, which left a loyal party worker with no choice. Calling party workers as ‘managers’; reflects poorly on ‘thought leadership’ of the Congress. It clearly sounds more tactical than strategic, as has been the case with Congress party evidently in the recent past.

In the wake of the shocking resignation of senior Congress leader S.M Krishna, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came out swinging at the Congress’ ‘misguided’ youth in Rahul Gandhi’s leadership, which was consistently disregarding the loyal services of veterans.

Had SM Krishna resigned willingly, we would have respected his decision, considering his contribution to the shaping active politics in India. The present situation is however, most unpleasing. Why should a senior leader, who is single-handedly responsible for driving state politics (currently Congress stronghold), even feel ignored?

One reason given by SM Krishna is the national image of Congress taking a hit. He has clearly expressed his anguish over Congress being seen as-only state units. He is also reported to have been upset with present Karnataka CM, Siddaramaiah, who bears the brunt of party losing a well-educated leader. This really is bad news for Congress, as Siddaramaiah is not as popular, and is even perceived to drive the party his own way. It was really senior leaders like SM Krishna who held Congress’s image intact in the state.

“He (Krishna) commands respect among the middle and educated classes. This is the section which will be influenced by his decision. The perception that decent people have no place in politics will be further strengthened. The approach of this section of voters will also affect the morale of the party worker. To that extent, it is a loss to the party,” said BL Shankar, an associate of Krishna and a former chairman of the legislative council to Firstpost.

Has SM Krishna really retired?

We have proof, that SM Krishna has active interest in politics till now. Former senior congress leader SM Krishna has agreed to join BJP and discussions are moving forward with him on the matter,” said Karnataka State BJP president BS Yeddyurappa.

Even though there is no official statement from the man himself, the speculations are rife that he is likely to join BJP soon. One recently, senior Dalit leader Srinivas Prasad of Congress, a close-aid of SM Krishna quit Congress and joined BJP.

Another disgruntled leader who recently resigned from Congress is the popular film star Ambareesh, who till June last year was housing minister in Siddaramaiah’s team. He too was upset with the CM because of the recent cabinet reshuffle. Ambreesh was even openly insulted in public by none other than Rahul Gandhi during an election campaign, which had turned his relationship with Congress bitter.

People of social media has welcomed the move of both S M Krishna and Ambreesh joining the BJP

Pooja Bhatia


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