Big media company uses TV, radio,newspaper and social media to attack Postcard news, but why? Read to know what we have exposed!

Today in India, the biggest threat to National security is not from terrorists from from traitors within the country who are relentlessly targeting pro Indian voices using all their influence, money and muscle power.  Since past one week, all the major main stream media like NDTV, Times of India, Hindustan Times, India Today and Business Standard, IndianExpress, Outlook India, Deccan Chronicle, DailyO, Network 18 have ganged up against after we exposed the biggest secrets of the media world and the so called liberals and seculars of the country.

After we published a story exposing Arundhati Roy who made shameful comments against India, all the MSM and the Paki premi gangs got together and ran a malicious campaign against us. Just because we are exposing all the anti Nationals in the media and few in Congress party, the entire establishment of the media has stood against a small website of ours.

It all started with the website The Wire owned by Siddharth Varadarajan (husband of Nandini Sundar who is accused of murdering a tribal man, She was also named by a Naxal who was arrested for the recent Sukma Blast in Chhatisgarh) made an article blaming Postcard for exposing Arundhati Roy. They called our article fake. But after we provided PROOF of Arundhati’s statement, they could not face us. But they started to spread fake news about us which was telecasted in NDTV.

Pakistan’s government official Radio channel published Arundhati Roy’s statement on 70 Lakh Army!

Barkha Dutt, Ravish Kumar (NDTV), Shashi Tharoor, Digvijay Singh, Derek O Brien, Samjukta Basu, Nilanjana Roy, Sharad Sharma, Arun Nambiar attacked us on all social media platforms. The main reasons these people are targeting us is because we have revealed and exposed the untold stories of these people and what shameless jobs they are involved in. No other media dared to expose them openly, but Postcard news took each one and has exposed their real face.

Take a look at the articles we published on Barkha Dutt, we had exposed how she had revealed patrolling areas of the BSF jawans and their timing. She had threatened of filing a defamation case against us.  But we did not stop. We had also revealed how Sunanda Pushkar wanted to reveal a major scam in IPL to 5 journalists just before the day of her death, Barkha Dutt was one among them. We questioned why Barkha Dutt never spoke about it? What did Sunanda Pushkar tell her if she had messaged her?

SHOCKING: Did Barkha Dutt Show Way for Terrorists to Attack Pampore???

SHOCKING REVELATIONS: Is Barkha Providing GPS Service to Pakistani Terrorists Since 2013???

Did Barkha Dutt and Sagarika Ghose receive message from Sunanda Pushkar the day she was killed? why didn’t they inform police?

Watch! After Hafiz Saeed, check who is openly praising Barkha Dutt now!

Ravish Kumar was another journalist whose secretes were exposed in Postcard news. His brother was involved in a SEX racket, his sister was involved in major corruption and scam in the Bihar government. We questioned him openly on what morality does he ask others about Scams when his own family members were involved in sex rackets and corruption. This was the main reason he targeted us.

Postcard EXCLUSIVE: Ravish Kumar tries to target Centre’s Rural Electrification Program- We EXPOSE his propaganda

Why does NDTV Ravish Kumar support anti Nationals and terrorists?

Arrest order issued against NDTV Ravish Kumar’s brother for running sex racket!

We did not care for any VIP or politicians, we have taken every corrupt man head on.  We exposed Shashi Tharror’s link with Sunanda Murder for which we are being targeted. We revealed how the huge scam in IPL lead to Sunanda Pushkar’s death. The story was first published in PGurus.

BIG BREAKING! Massive explosive audio tapes which reveals Shashi Tharoor’s involvement in Sunanda Pushkar Murder!

Sunanda Pushkar – Shashi Tharoor – IPL -ISI link, the untold story!

We have also exposed involvement of Digvijay Singh in major scams which caused huge loss for the Nation.

Digvijay Singh in Major Trouble! Probe Ordered on His Alleged Involvement in 716 Crore Scam!!!

We have also exposed how main stream media publishes complete FAKE stories and misguides the entire population. We have exposed many such lies spread by NDTV, Hindustan Times which has made them completely nervous.

Hindus are the fourth largest beef consuming community: Hindustan Times. But reveals some shocking facts

NDTV gave lecture on fake news about Arundhati Roy, Check how they twisted facts to save Congress!

NDTV Prannoy Roy Caught by Income Tax in Massive Misappropriation of Funds!

This media mafia is headed by powerful people in Congress and Azadi gang which dances to the tunes of these anti Nationals. They twists facts and suit it according to their needs. So they do not want anyone to counter their lies. The moment anyone starts exposing them, they will be targeted indiscriminately using all their power.

In an shocking incident today, this media mafia also made a half an hour program against Postcard news in Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM today at 11 AM.

They said we put fake news on World Economic Forum on journalism ranking in India. But we have provided proof as to how world Economic Forum itself shared the article in their official account. Moreover, in the article we have no where mentioned that World Economic Forum conducted the survey but clearly mentioned who conducted the survey.

Must read! World Economic Forum releases survey on Indian media, the results are shameful!

Logically thinking, will the entire media gang up against a small website like Postcard if they were not worried? Postcard news doesn’t have political backing, no financial support or moral support from any influential people. We just have one website and few Facebook pages, but the main stream media has the entire political backing, money and muscle power which they are using against us to MUTE us permanently!

We are being threatened day and night for exposing the most powerful people who are destroying the country in the name of freedom of speech. The only reason they are targeting us is because we are speaking TRUTH and supporting our Nation, our soldiers and our people. If we had spoken for the AZADI gang or terrorists like Burhan Wani or Hafiz Saeed they would have been very happy and provided all assistance.

Barkha Dutt who gets praised by a terrorist like Hafiz Saeed teaches about Patriotism to us? Shashi Tharoor who could not protect his own wife talks about women safety in India? Ravish Kumar whose own family is involved in sex rackets and corruption, spread fake news to save criminals, lecturers on ethics of journalism?

We do not fall to the category where we take money from the Pakistani gang and speak against our own country, we haven’t made deals with politicians to speak for them, nor have we got free lands and bungalows in Delhi for speaking against India. The reason the main stream media has lost credibility because of their fake news and fake propaganda against India.

The main stream media is hit badly with the emergence of social media which is exposing the criminals deeds of these pseudo journalists, pseudo liberals who have turned a disease to the country.

We will continue to expose the hypocrites, we will continue to expose the Pakistan premi gang, we will continue to expose corrupts who are looting our country no matter how much the media mafia targets us. They attacked us on newspaper, radio social media, print media and even National Television, but they cannot destroy the spirit in us.

In one voice, we will speak for our people, our soldiers and our country. We are proud patriots, proud Nationalists and proud Indians!!!


Aishwarya S