Big move by PM Modi Govt… Indian share of water from 3 rivers will no more be shared with Pakistan under the Indus Treaty

The Pakistani butchers are no more going to enjoy Indian water. The water of our 3 rivers whose water is much essential for the people of India, which was flowing to Pakistan unnecessarily, will not happen anymore under PM Modi’s rule. The central government has decided to solve the water problems in Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan by utilizing water from rivers flowing into Pakistan.

The government has also introduced a new scheme where water will reach farmers through innovative technology using pipe system rather than canals, avoiding land acquisition costs to the tune of Rs 6,000 crore.

Union Minister for Transport and Water Resources Nitin Gadkari has revealed that the Centre would take steps to stop the unutilized Indian share of water flowing to Pakistan through three rivers.

“The issue of three rivers whose water was given to Pakistan is a separate issue, but the water of our three rivers whose water is necessary for our development is also going to Pakistan. The Indian government has decided to stop water (of our share) of three rivers to provide it to Punjab, Haryana and Rajasthan to solve the problem of water,” said Gadkari amid cheers from farmers.

Under the Indus Treaty, water from 3 rivers being given to Pakistan and water from 3 rivers coming to us. Water from our rivers was going into Pak, we are making detailed project reports to stop that from happening&water will be given to Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi&Haryana: Nitin Gadkari


“Three dams will be constructed in Uttarakhand to stop the unutilised share of India in the river waters from flowing back to Pakistan. Water thus saved would be brought to Haryana through the Yamuna to overcome shortage and feed the parched lands in the state. It will be taken to other states also,” he said.

“During Partition, India got three rivers but we could not utilise our share of the waters, which kept flowing back to Pakistan. Now, the Centre has decided to stop the flow of the country’s due share into Pakistan and utilise it to feed our parched lands.” He added, “The Centre had taken several steps to utilise water flowing waste into the ocean. Through drip irrigation, farmers will get three times more water, which would result in more than doubling the production”.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured farmers of the country one-and-a-half times the cost of production of crops as MSP and we will achieve it at any cost. In order to increase the income of farmers, the PM called a meeting today and I came straight to the summit after attending the meet,” Gadkari said.

Referring to the Indus water treaty (signed by India and Pakistan in 1960), the minister said the two countries each had got three rivers after Partition in 1947, claiming that Indian share of water was also going to Pakistan. Haryana Agriculture Minister Om Prakash Dhankar said, “The PM raised the issue of Indus water treaty earlier. But now, the minister’s statement means the matter may have reached the stage of planning.”

These are few of the reactions from the people after hearing this news from the NDA minister: 

Indus water treaty need to be abolished. India can divert this water to our own states. But it need to be done on priority basis without any political propaganda.

Indus water treaty one sided favour treaty to Pakistan. And yet they never show gratitude to us. PAKISTAN deserves nothing from India. All they want is to Break India.

Excellent.. Should happen immediately without getting into the tedious tender process and all! No Budget Constraints. If falling short, ask donations from countrymen and they’d willingly contribute.

Gadkari, who also holds the portfolios of road, transport and highways and shipping, said the government is very keen on developing Karwar port in Karnataka and is willing to spend Rs 3,000 crore for the projects if the state government is in agreement. Gadkari said work on the Rs 16,000 crore express highway project between Bengaluru and Chennai is expected to start by end of March or beginning of April this year.

Source: Business Standard.com