Big move by the Modi Government! Orders to take all the necessary steps to prevent the entry of illegal migrants, including Rohingyas

Too little but not too late imposed by the Central Government. Government needs to implement a permanent policy to identify, register, locate and finally deport illegal migrants. Besides demographic concerns, these migrants are eating away scarce resources, small jobs and endanger communal harmony due to vote bank politics.

The Union Ministry of Home Affairs has now asked the Government of Jammu and Kashmir to take all necessary steps to prevent the entry of illegal migrants into the state, including Rohingyas from Myanmar.

In a letter sent to State Chief Secretary Bharat Bhushan Vyas, Anuj Sharma, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, called on the state government to “kindly review this matter (of the entry of illegal migrants) and issue instructions to take necessary steps and share updated information in the prescribed form as soon as possible”.

Union Ministry of Home Affairs asked all the state governments, including Jammu and Kashmir’s, to again take all necessary steps to prevent the entry of illegal migrants, including Rohingyas from Myanmar

As reported by ANI, the letter goes on to say: “It has been brought to the notice of the Government that some of the Rohingyas/foreigners are involved in crimes, anti-national activities, money laundering, procuring fake/fabricated Indian documents; and some of them have illegally and fraudulently obtained Indian identity documents e.g. Pan Card, Voter Card, etc.”

Last month during her visit to India, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina had asked for support from the international community, including India, on the Rohingyas issue. “Rohingyas have taken shelter in Bangladesh. We’ve given them a place on humanitarian grounds. We want them to return to their country as early as possible,” she had said in a speech in West Bengal. “I request you to help us to interact with Myanmar so that they take Rohingyas.”

Now, Centre asks all States:

1) Prevent entry of illegal migrants including Rohingyas.

2) Restrict them to specified identified locations

3) Each one of them must be identified with full details.

4) Biometrics of illegal migrants be captured.

5) Keep a watch on their activities.

One more point needs to be added here and that’s : Send them back when respective countries are ready to take. Inform Indians that migrants are also enjoying their rights without any commitments includes income tax.Common people can also help by providing information about this illegal migrants. The landlords must not keep tenants without identity. Your little help can a great assistance to the Government and build a great nation.

People must be alert as well. Do not provide employment to illegal Bangladeshis and Rohingyas. As soon as they are identified immediately inform the police or locals about their activities and restrict them to settle down in your areas. And moreover beyond all these, Why restrict and keep a watch? They must be driven away directly. They have spread enough of terrorism in the country and killed innocent Hindus and then beg asylum in another Hindu country.

Source: Economic Times