Big News: Arvind Kejriwal’s close aide was arrested & his plan to do a major Train Accident by Blast is foiled

It was the month of January, temperature was rising in cold winters because election in Punjab was near. Aam Aadmi Party was running for leader bout by penetrating into Sikh Population. Since mid of 2016 there were several news coming that Arvind Kejriwal is provoking Khalistanis so that they can create a polarisation among Sikh community. Media Houses termed it as rumours and propaganda by Akali Dal.

Rumours again started coming with facts and evidences that lots of NRIs from Canada is arriving at Airports to fund and campaign for AAP. All those people who came were Khalistani supporters.

Mainstream Media Houses were still divided and no one was showing that openly, which raised doubt over the authenticity of news.

After sometime social media was flooded with pictures, posters and video files which is fully supporting the fact that AAP is endorsing Khalistan sentiment to gain votes.

After this Congress Chief Ministerial candidate Amrinder Singh accused Arvind Kejriwal with same charge which Kejriwal rubbed off from his shoulder and attacked Singh for being hand in glove with Akali Dal.

People too think that AAP is correct. But two statements at two different events changed the fate of AAP and led to the defeat of AAP in Punjab.

  1. KPS Gill DGP of Punjab in the time of Khalistan movement, he was one man who led from the front to defeat Khalistanis. He was the legendary figure in Punjab for his contribution. He died just a week back of cardiac arrest. He warned Punjabis against AAP and he explained that he has enough evidence that AAP is in connection with Khalistanis.
  2. Narendra Modi in his rally of Faridkot was present along with Sukhbir Badal and his wife warned people of Punjab on AAP and its Khalistani connection.

Results came out on 11th March and till now many people can’t believe that AAP used Khalistani support in Punjab election.

Today Big News broke out and it cleared all the doubt and burst the bubble of confusion.

Punjab police have arrested 3 people in connection with ISI Pakistan after getting input from intelligence.

The plan was to blast a railway track and conduct a major train accident by the help of 6 other Kashmiri militants.

The best part of news is out of those 3 Khalistani Punjabis who were arrested, one was the major campaign manager of AAP during Punjab election. He conducted rallies along with Arvind Kejriwal during election campaign. Name of that person is Gurdayal Singh.

Other two people are – Satvinder and Jagroop.

These three Khalistanis are members of International Sikh Youth Federation which is a banned organisation for terrorism. All three have met Pakistan based ISYF branch members too namely Rakhbir Rode and Harmeet Singh.

Gurdayal Singh who is connected to AAP is from Hoshiyarpur, Satvinder and Jagroop is from Nava Sahar.

This scintillating allegation can be taken as mere propaganda but it is a serious national security concern. NIA must investigate and take Arvind Kejriwal and his Punjab unit leaders into custody for interrogation.

Abhishek Kumar