Big News!!! Defence ministry and the Indian Army are finalizing a Rs 15,000 crore long-term plan, here’s why!

We are sitting safe here at our places only due to our brave hearts that are fighting for the nation day and night. They are the one’s who are protecting us and sacrificing their lives for the nation. So it is of utmost importance that their needs should be realized first. And it is great that finally, the PM Modi Government is paying attention to every bit of it.

In order to fulfil the long-standing demand of army of having enough stock of ammunition to fight the war continuously for long, finally, Government is going to lock the 15,000 crore deal with private ventures so that scarcity of ammunition should not hamper the forces of the nation.

According to Times of India Report , After the Uri attack in September 2016, the government realized the need of the Army that army is not well equipped with the certain types of ammunition to fight full-fledged war continuously for 10 days. Since then, around Rs, 24,000 crores worth of contracts for ammunition, spares, engines and other reserves are being finalised, mostly with Russia and Israel. And now adding to it the defence ministry and army has inked the Rs 15,000 crore deal for procurement of seven different types of ammunition.

“The new Rs 15,000 crore plan aims to get the Indian industry to manufacture ammunition for infantry weapons like UBGLs (under-barrel grenade launchers) and AGLs (automatic grenade launchers), 122mm Grad rockets, electronic fuzes and bi-modular charge systems for the artillery, and 30mm high-explosive incendiary ammunition for BMP-II infantry combat vehicles”.

The government has planned to ink the deal with some of the private companies which in turn by joining hands with foreign agencies can tackle the shortage faced in production levels and going by this way the ammunition will be developed indigenously and will reduce our dependence on imports.

According to the officials, “Last month tenders were invited from the various private ventures for coming to forefront for development of samples of ammunition and the process is underway. Once the selected companies will deliver the required ammunition, contracts worth around Rs 15,000 crore over the next 10 years will be progressively awarded to them”.

Modi Government has always made it sure that our defence sector should be strengthened and the forces should be given a more free hand. Indian armed forces have developed significantly under the Modi’s era. To encourage Indian participation in the defence sector, the NDA government awarded 56 defence manufacturing licences to the private sector in the first year to have indigenous defence production of its ‘Make in India’ drive. It is a record against the 47 licences granted by the UPA govt in 2013-14.

The Narendra Modi government has also approved the plan to develop seven stealth frigates under Project 17A. These frigates will be developed in dockyards of Mumbai and Kolkata. Apart from it, the government has also approved the project to build six nuclear submarines.

For the first time it was under the current government army have decided to induct women in combat roles and the women pilots for fighter jets are inducted in Indian AirForce. A few days ago only Modi Government has also inked the deal in Rs 639 Crore for 1.86 Lakh Bullet-proof Jackets which had been pending for the last nine years.

It’s an applauded effort by the Modi government. Not only the government is taking care of developments it is also giving impetus to “Make In India” initiative of Government and provide confidence that Indian industry is capable of fulfilling the requirements of the armed forces. Along with that, it will also allow timely delivery to the forces without any wait or delay.

Source :Times Of India