Big News: Modi Government all set to Deport Rohingya Muslims from Jammu and Kashmir

It seems Modi Government has decided to fight Anti-Nationals on all possible fronts. This time Government has decided to cater the long going demand to deport the Rohingya Muslims from Jammu and Kashmir. As per the sources Modi Government has issued detailed instructions to deport all illegal Rohingya Muslims and special instruction has been given to Jammu Kashmir Police to deport them immediately.

Under UPA regime, Rohingya Muslims from Myanmar infiltrated India in huge numbers, after being disowned by Myanmar. They fled their homes and crossed over to India to take refuge here, this was very strange as no Indian is allowed to settle in the state of Jammu and Kashmir due to the restrictions imposed by of Section 370.

We would also like to mention that no Islamic Nation came forward to help them. Rohingya Muslims used three infiltration routes to enter India – by sea, via the Bangladesh border and via Chin area on the Myanmar border.

Modi government has informed the Rajya Sabha that it has issued detailed instructions for the deportation of Rohingya Muslims, which is a continuous process. The government left no ambiguity in its statement about these illegal Muslims living in the country. It is estimated that around 40,000 of them have infiltrated our land.

Kiren Rijiju (Minister of State for Home) said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha that the Centre is vested with powers to deport foreign nationals illegally staying in the country under Section 3(2)(c) of the Foreigners Act, 1946.He also stated that the powers to identify, detail and deport these illegal squatters has also been delegated to state governments and UT administrations.

Government has directed the state governments to constitute task force at district levels to identify and deport the illegally staying foreign nationals. Besides the issue of illegal immigration is taken up with the neighboring countries during bilateral talks at various levels.

As per the estimates around 5,500 to 5,700 Rohingya Muslims are living in Jammu, although the home ministry fears that the number may be over 10,000.Deporting these Rohingya Muslims is of essence to our national security and to our demographics. There are fears that they are even being used as a medium to spread terror by terror organizations.

Their living on our land is a huge threat to our demographic structure. The same demographic deterioration has happened in states like Assam and West Bengal where illegal Bangladeshis have infiltrated over many years. Also, benefits that Indians deserve are at times diverted to such illegal immigrants which leads to wastage of the Nation’s resources.

With this statement of the government in Rajya Sabha, we can certainly hope that the government will throw out these illegal residents on a priority basis. If they succeed in doing so, they’ll relieve India of a potential time-bomb of Jihad.

Manish Sharma