Big News! Sultan Ahmad, TMC man who was caught in NARADA scam sting operation dies suddenly!

In a big development, the former Union Minister and Trinamool Congress sitting Lok Sabha member Sultan Ahmed died following a massive cardiac arrest, a city hospital today. The doctors said that he suffered a major cardiac arrest which lead to his death.

But what is very suspicious is that this is the same man who was caught in the NARADA sting operation, in which he was found to be demanding bribe from a journalist. He was said to be involved in the massive NARADA scam along with many other TMC MPs which brought embarrassment for Mamata Banerjee.

The CBI which was investigating the case had summonsed him for further questioning on June 28, 2017. But Sultan Ahmad had refused to appear in front of CBI and asked for more time. “I am ready to cooperate with the agency. But I have some prior commitments which cannot be rescheduled. So I have sought two-three days’ time,” said Sultan Ahmad. 

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But today, all of a sudden he was found dead in his house which raises many suspicions about his sudden demise. According to few sources, the CBI investigation had revealed many facts about his involvement in the Narada scam and his questioning would have forced him to reveal the other powerful members in the TMC.

Although the case needs to be investigated to know the complete truth, one cannot completely deny that the death of Sultan Ahmad had nothing to do with Narada Scam.

Aishwarya S


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