Big revelation by Bollywood insider Madhur Bhandarkar! A group from Bollywood wanted to stop Mr Modi from becoming India’s PM, here’s why

The 2014 Lok Sabha election witnessed the dramatic change in the history of Indian elections. No single party had won such an outright majority in the Lok Sabha, since 1984. Out of five hundred and forty-three seats, BJP won a stunning two hundred and eighty-two and with its coalition allies, it controlled a dominating three hundred and thirty-four seats. As the results of the elections were stunning, so was the countdown to elections. Both the main political parties were doing their best to win the elections. The whole nation was divided on choosing their leader. On one side was the Congress party’s Rahul Gandhi & another side was a prominent face of BJP, Narendra Modi.

The influence of the 2014 elections didn’t even spare the glamour world. A stunning revelation made by Bollywood’s acclaimed producer, director, and writer Madhur Bhandarkar yesterday has also confirmed the same. According to him in the 2014 elections, the Bollywood was also divided into two groups, out of which one was in favour of PM  Narendra Modi, of which he and the actor Anupam Kher was the part and another group was against PM  Narendra Modi. They didn’t want him to become the Prime Minister of the country. It had around 60 celebrities who signed an appeal urging people to take an anti-Modi stance.

The appeal put forth by this group was “The need of the hour is to protect our country`s secular foundation. Undoubtedly, corruption and governance are important issues, but we will have to vigilantly work out ways of holding our government accountable to that, However, one thing is clear: India`s secular character is not negotiable! Not now, not ever. They further said, “As Indian citizens who love our motherland, we appeal to you to vote for the secular party, which is most likely to win in your constituency,” .The appeal was the brainchild of writer Anjum Rajabali and has well-known artists and filmmakers like Nandita Das, Shubha Mudgal, Mahesh Bhatt, Vishal Bhardwaj and Govind Nihalani among the signatories. Among the others who signed the petition were filmmakers Vinay Shukla, Kabir Khan, Kundan Shah, and Imtiaz Ali and actors Swara Bhaskar and Joy Sengupta.

The producer also throws the light on Bollywood connection with the politics, He said in Bollywood some of the dignitaries do a higher level of politics. He also waved off all allegations laid on him for taking fund from the BJP for his movie “Indu Sarkar”. He said it is quite humorous. For such a short budget movie, why should I take funding? The producer said that he didn’t understand why so much hue and cry was made on his movie as earlier also documentary on “Emergency” was made by Doordarshan and so many books have also been written.

Madhur Bhandarkar is one of the person who always value the efforts of PM Modi Government and lauds PM’s visionary approach. In 2015, when the Award Wapsi Gang has spread the false narrative of intolerance in the nation, he along with Anupam Kher and Malini Awasthi has marched towards Rashtrapati Bhawan to meet Prime Minister and also slammed the false narrative of intolerance being spread by anti-India forces to defame the nation.

We very well know that in Bollywood some of the bollytards are hell bent on defaming the Modi Government. The society needs to be aware of such divisive forces who under the mask of Secularism try to defame the Government and divide the nation

Souce : Jansatta