Big revelation! French aviation firm didn’t want to join hands with an Indian firm just because Robert Vadra had close links with it

The controversy surrounding the Rafale seems to have no end. Amidst the controversy an interesting thing has popped up related to Gandhi family whose scion is leaving no stone unturned to defame Modi Government by putting false and baseless allegations against the PM Narendra Modi led BJP Government

It has come to surface that under the UPA regime in 2012 Mukesh Ambani led Reliance Industries was in talks to be the key private sector partner for the Rafale fighter jet deal and kicked the deal also with Dassault Aviation, the French manufacturer of Rafale fighter jets but later dropped the plan owing to Reliance Industries losing interest and withdrewing from the defence and aerospace business after 2014.

The interesting story started after this. When the contract between Mukesh Ambani led Reliance and Dassault Aviation lapsed, the new player named OIS makes the entry here and approached Dassault for partnership. According to Economic Times reports, The Company was a visible player in the offsets space with presence at all international events.

It was best tried and considerable pressure was put up on Dassault to tie up for a partnership with OIS. Proposals were made several times and through several people.

However, the French side decided against going with OIS after a few initial rounds of talks. The reason for French aviation partner not to go with the company is because the company was owned by Sanjay Bhandari who was having very close relations with Robert Vadra, Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s brother-in-law.This was the strong factor which didn’t lead to locking of this deal.

The links of Vadra with Sanjay Bhandari was confirmed at that time also when raids were conducted in Bhandari offices by Income Tax Department as part of an investigation in a tax evasion case against Bhandari and his company. Agencies had found some email exchanges between Bhandari and Robert Vadra

So is this the real reason that Congress President is not able to gulp? As the company associated with his brother in law was not able to bag the contract he is laying false allegations against the PM Modi Government which have shattered all the plans of previous government to once again loot the country similar as they did in Augusta Westland and Bofors scam.

During the regime of UPA, the Congress party didn’t let the deal locked because they were not able to earn handsome benefits from the deal. They put at stake the security of country. They never realized the need of aircrafts for the Airforce and now when Modi Government has realized the need of fighter jets for security of nation, the Congress is continually degrading the Government by creating false stories.

Now also they just have the lust to come in power and for their political benefits they are putting allegations on BJP to divert the people’s mind by making them believe that PM Modi Government is cheating them. Congress party thinks this will work in their favour and help them in garnering votes by cutting down votes of BJP and presenting them as deceivers.

But Congress President who even doesn’t know the correct facts and figures and changes price for Rafale deal in his every speech should know that nation has now become enough intelligent to understand the true face of him and his party and very well know whom they have to vote for the betterment of nation.

Source : Economic Times