Big Secret Revealed and it’s shocking ! Why Kapil Sibal and secular Brigade is against closing illegal slaughter Houses!!

Kapil Sibal has a personal stake in beef production and sale in/from India. His wife, Promila Sibal is the Director of a big export company of beef in India.

As presented factually in a media report

Kapil Sibal’s wife Promilla Sibal has been a director of this company from 31 March 1981. Sources tell us that she is head of operations and sits at C-749 NEW FRIENDS COLONY NEW DELHI -110065. We have also learnt that she frequents the slaughter house located at B-67, Site-IV, Sahibabad Industrial Area, Distt. Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. Promilaa Sibal is registered with Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). Her DIN is 00754957.

Now why does that work against the common public sentiment, we know it already. A huge segment of India still considers cow as a sacred animal. And, it may not be politically correct for any political leader to have a personal stake in anything to-do with ‘beef’.

Consider this report by TOI- condemning attacks by cow vigilantes, minority organisation Ittehad-e-Millat Council (IMC) arranged a seminar to highlight the problems and demanded a complete ban on beef export from India and stop illegal slaughter to curb cruelty against cattle. They also sought to clarify that “beef” which is associated with cow was being incorrectly used to define export of buffalo meat and hence the government also needs to bring in clarity on the matter to prevent misuse of the word.

Holy cow, cow’s meat, beef, buffalo meat, is words subject to an intense debate in India. It is a very sensitive subject too. It has been alleged time and again, the political parties with vested interests have been exploiting the popular public sentiment. Now, what do we perceive of this news; a subtle exploitation of the ‘otherwise’ public sentiment. We would say the least; it is rather wise for politicians to keep personal interest or investment in beef-at-bay.

Source: JagrukBharat.com

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