Big Sensation! “Army kills people in Kashmir”, says Muslim Cleric Barkati, the one who read funeral prayer for Osama-Bin-Laden

The controversial Muslim Cleric Noor-ur-Rehman Barkati said that “Army kills people in Kashmir”. In a spy camera it can be clearly seen how Barkati shows his anti-India mindset.

Barkati also says that he read Namaz-E-Janaza for Yakoob Memon and Osama-Bin-Laden as they are Muslims. Namaz-E-Janaza is the Islamic funeral prayer, a part of the Islamic funeral ritual. The prayer is performed in congregation to seek pardon for the deceased.

He stressed that those were Muslims first.  Till here we were taught that terrorism had no religion. But Barkati’s confession is shocking. So now can we say that the religion of terrorists is been finally found? Definitely credit for this discovery will be given to Barkati.

When asked why few of the Muslim youths are getting attracted towards ISIS or other terror groups, he makes a most bizarre statement. He says that radicalisation is the only way to seek justice.

According to Barkati, poverty is the main reason for youths getting attracted towards terrorism. He said that Army kills people in Kashmir. Let us analyse his statement, he said army kills people. He may be referring to terrorists as his people.

Mufti Manzur, Muslim Cleric said that “Those who support ISIS cannot be spared. They must be put behind bars:” and he also said that he condemns Barkati’s statement

Barkati is the same person who said that a cash reward of Rs 25 lakh would be given for anyone who blackens Modi’s face. He even claimed to have received hundreds of congratulatory phone calls and messages from different cities after his fatwa on PM Modi.

Barkati is the head of the famous Tipu Sultan mosque in Kolkata. He is in the habit of issuing fatwas or religious rulings at regular intervals.

When PM Modi urged to stop the VIP culture and ordered to remove the red beacon, Barkati said “The British government has permitted us to install red light, so why should I remove it,”.

Now it is interesting to see that how the government will act upon his statement.

Source: Republic TV

Vikrant Raj