Big setback for Mr Siddaramaiah! Congress is responsible for the murder of Gauri Lankesh, says her brother Indrajit Lankesh, and campaigns for BJP candidate

Looks like people in India have taken Prakash Raj very serious with his words. Mr Prakash Raj you have actually done a splendid job. These people have taken your words “KUCH BHI” very seriously and are doing “Kuch bhi?” as well.

In a pleasant surprise for Kannadigas and a shock for Prakash Raj, Gauri Lankesh’s brother Indrajith Lankesh is now seen campaigning for BJP candidate. Indrajit now seems to blame Congress Government and CM Siddramaiah for his sister’s murder.

Indrajit said that he does not identify himself with any particular political ideology, but is campaigning for a person he believes in. “Dr Ashwath Narayan is a good friend; I know him personally. He’s a well-read man and it was nice campaigning for him. I think he will win with a huge margin. Many people from Janata Dal and BJP asked me to campaign for them, but I didn’t want to go because I have my own ideology. So it’s not that I recognize with ideology. I recognize with Ashwath Narayan”, Indrajit spoke justifying his support for the BJP candidate.

Gauri Lankesh’s brother Indrajit Lankesh struck a discordant note about who might be behind her brutal assassination last year. He now campaigns for a BJP candidate in Bangalore (second from right).

It’s been seven months since journalist Gauri Lankesh was shot dead right in front of her house. She was known for her vocal criticism against the Right-wing extremism and was known for her outspoken nature. She was against Right-wing activists, the RSS and other similar organisations associated with BJP party mainly.

While contacted Gauri’s sister Kavita said, “I’m not a political person. My father was mostly Left-oriented; my sister followed the same path. I was always with her in terms of moral support. But everybody has a right to choose their own path. I have nothing against Indra; nothing for it either. We’ve always sailed on different boats. Whether we agree or disagree is not the question, but we’ve taken different paths. If I agreed with him, I would have stood by him.”  she said talking about her brother campaigning for a party that Gauri had strongly opposed.

She added that she will stand by anybody fighting against the growing Right-wing influence in the country. “With somebody like (actor and activist) Prakash Raj, who is fighting so much against this Right-wing attitude, I will stand by it. It does not matter whether it is my brother, my friend, or a family friend – I will stand by whoever fights for secularism and constitutional rights,” she added.

What have the seculars got to say about this now? 

Indrajit Lankesh will be a serious target now in the hands of seculars and Anti-Indian brigade. Indrajit will be badly targeted by Left-wing and Dynasty brigade under Congress Government. Prakash Raj and his team who were in a strong support for Gauri and her family may have to hide their face with shame now. They are left with no more words to attack BJP and PM Modi.

In the month of March this year, a special investigation team (SIT) probing Gauri’s murder had arrested one KT Naveen Kumar, who reportedly had links with the Hindu Yuva Sena, a radical Hindutva outfit. But even seven months after the murder, investigators are yet to find concrete evidence.

PM Modi and his BJP Government in Karnataka was blamed for this murder without a staunch evidence. Criticisms and accusations followed for months as the murder revolts were given a blow by the secular brigade and the Anti- Modi team led by Prakash Raj. This man is still trying to claim that its PM Modi who is responsible for this murder.

Indrajit has openly blamed the Siddaramaiah government for his sister’s death. He said he appreciates Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a leader and is campaigning for Ashwath Narayan out of friendship, because he has known him for several years.

“I don’t know if it was the Right-wing or the Left-wing (who killed Gauri). What I know is that the Siddaramaiah government was responsible. It is an example of a complete failure of law and order. I blame the Siddaramaiah government for my sister’s death” he said, adding that the Chief Minister should have given her protection, as she was “working with the government to bring Naxalites into mainstream society”.

“Crime rate has increased under the Congress government. Women are not safe, journalists are not safe, police officers are committing suicide. So I thought that I would go out on the streets and voice my opinion,” he added.

Well, I just want to ask Prakash Raj what went wrong? Didn’t your tactics work? The so-called seculars also are not safe in Karnataka under congress and yet BJP has to come before that only you announced you would go to Uganda. You have made a fool of yourself. Every citizen is safe under BJP. You too can be given a second chance, if you think off correcting your sins.