Big setback to Karti Chidambaram! Supreme Court dismisses his plea seeking release of Rs 10 Crore security

In a big setback to Karti Chidambaram, son of former Finance Minister P Chidambaram and prime accused in INX Media and Aircel Maxis Case the apex court has rejected the plea filed by him to return his security amount of Rs 10 crore and a registry which he deposited as a condition before going for his abroad trips

This money has been deposited by Karti Chidambaram when he wanted to go abroad to watch the tennis tournaments live. In January the request has been made by Karti to the apex court to grant him permission to travel to France, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom from Feb 10-26 and then from March 23-31 as he wanted to attend the international tennis tournaments organised by a company called ‘Totus Tennis Ltd’.

At that time also the Apex Court has come heavily over Karti and warned him not to play with the law. The Apex Court directed the Karti’s lawyer to tell him to cooperate with the investigation or otherwise Court has to take strict action against him. The court granted him the permission but with certain specific terms and conditions. The Court asked Karti to deposit Rs 10 crore with the secretary general of the Supreme Court along with an undertaking that he would return and cooperate with the investigation.

But now the Apex Court has dismissed his plea saying “ It is not the urgent matter” Although Karti argued that he has to pay the interest on the loan taken to submit the security deposit but his drama didn’t served any purpose.

It is good decision by the court to delay the proceedings of such looters of the country who are looting nation since long. These kind of people should understand that nation and institutions do not work according to their convenience. It is not their wish that whenever they want their matters would be heard at earliest. Institutions are nor sitting free for them.