Big shock to Congress! 4 Elected Congress MLAs from the Hyderabad-Karnataka region are not in touch with the party

The Karnataka Assembly Elections being one of the most important election in the countdown to LokSabha Elections 2019 was held on 12th May. Both parties Congress and BJP left no stone unturned for winning the elections. As the elections were very important for BJP to make its entry in the southern region so it was for Congress to save its strong citadel.

Yesterday was the day to decide finally which party has made it. The results for much awaited Karnataka Assembly Elections came out. Without any doubt, people of Karnataka have voted for change with BJP emerging as the single largest party with 104 votes, Congress and JD(s) coming at second and third place with 78 and 37 seats respectively.

But here come’s the twist, Although BJP scored the highest number of seats, still the party was not able to touch the magic number i.e. Majority Mark. And as all the opposition parties are hell-bent on attacking the PM Narendra Modi and his Government both the Congress and JD(s) joined hands with each other and went to Governor of the state Vajubhai Vala and claimed their stake to form the Government as their coalition is crossing the majority numbers.

But as per the rule, The Governor has allowed the largest seats winning party to prove their majority on the floor of the house. This is not at all getting digested by the opposition and they are continuously targetting the BJP and the Governor on this.

But the high-class drama going in between the parties doesn’t stop here. It seems the twists and turns in the Karnataka Elections are not going to end and the battleground is becoming more and more interesting. In a new twist that has occurred in Karnataka Election, it is suspected that Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee (KPCC) is unable to contact its four MLA-elected from the Hyderabad-Karnataka region. This has stricken the party just a few minutes before its meeting (Republic World)

Congress party is trying their level best to reach out to these MLAs but unfortunately are not getting in contact with them. The MLAs in concern are Anand Singh, Kudligi Nagendra, MY Patil and Rajshekhar Patil. Yesterday the President of the Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee, G Parameshwara has issued a whip to all the MLAs for their compulsory attendance in the meeting going to held for discussing the future course of action for the party.

Although Siddaramaiah has denied all such reports and said “All the Congress MLAs are intact. Nobody is missing. We are confident of forming the government”. But in reality, the party is not able to get in touch with the MLAs

Another leader of the Congress Party  DK Shivakumar has alleged that BJP is trying to poach our MLA(s). Hitting out at the Bharatiya Janata Party, the leader said “They (BJP) are poaching our MLAs, we know that. Every day there is a lot of pressure. But it not so easy because two parties have the necessary number. People are watching this,”.He further agreed to this also that Congress is planning to safeguard their MLA(s) and said  “Yes, definitely there is a plan. We have to safeguard our MLAs, We will let you know what is the plan”.

The Congress is in such a fear from BJP that they are trying to safeguard their MLA(s). They don’t have any confidence in their MLA(s) as well as their coalition with the JD(s). However, whatever dubious means they resort, One thing is sure that BJP, being the single largest party and choice of Kannadigas, is going to form the Government in the state.

Source :Republic World