Big shock to Congress in Karnataka!!! Election Commission books Karnataka Congress MLA Munirathna Naidu in fake voter ID scandal

In a massive setback to Congress Party just before the elections, the  Election Commission has now booked Sitting Congress MLA and 2018 assembly election candidate for Bengaluru’s Rajarajeshwarinagar constituency Munirathna Naidu over the controversy that has broken when thousands of voter IDs were found in a flat in Bengaluru. Munirathna’s visiting cards and pamphlets were found along with almost 10,000 voter ID cards at a flat in Bengaluru on Tuesday

According to the FIR copy accessed by Republic TV, Munirathna Naidu and his five other associates have been named as accused. Specifics of the freebies to be distributed, as well as their value has been listed. It comprises 5018 t-shirts with Munirathna’s photo and 23,393 half pants of different colours. The total worth of  freebies to be distributed is found to be nearly around Rs 90 lakh.




The string operation conducted by the RepublicWorld yesterday has already exposed that Munirathna Naidu  was directly involved in the scandal as the tout working with him has confirmed his name in the operation.She has confirmed that she was assigned the task to bribe voters of economically weaker sections.

Video proofs showing the business cards of Congress MLA candidate Muniratna, water bottles with Congress logo and pamphlets of Congress along with the fake voter id cards found in the flat has also confirmed his involvement. There is no iota of doubt that this plan has been well excuted by Congress party along with his sitting MLA Munirathna Naidu

They devised this whole plan very strategically. Touts went door-to-door to profile their targets. The voter IDs were collected from the surveyed persons and they were allegedly going to be given back to them on voting day (May 12) in exchange.The plan of the party basically was to target the voters on the basis of their predetermined needs.

This is not the first time Munirathna Naidu has been found to be involved in corrupt practices.In 2013 also, Munirathna Naidu was arrested for threatening the poll officer. He was alleged for running fake Voter id factory when he contested first time for MLA.

This is the one plan executed by the Congress that has been trapped and came in front of public. It is enough to understand that Congress might be executing the same plan in other constituencies also. Voters need to understand the real face of Congress and should not get diverted by the tactics of the Congress party.They should understand that Congress is deeply rooted with the corruption from top to bottom and should not give at any cost another chance to Congress party to destroy the state of Karnataka.