Big shocking!!! Royal treatment given in jail to Karim Lal Telgi, in Congress ruled Karnataka, who looted Rs 20,000 crores

Karnataka government had ventured into a project where jail rooms are converted into 5 star hotel rooms. Now don’t get confused and think that this is a new project initiated by the Karnataka government.

2 helpers, ceiling fan, table, chair, bed sheet, mineral water , 51” LED TV, covering on the floor with stickers, workers who give regular massage; Yes, this service is provided to Karim Lal Telgi, the man who looted 20,000 crores Indian money is been served a royal treatment by the Congress government in Karnataka in the jail. He is provided with helpers who are under trails. He is sentenced for “rigorous imprisonment” and till date no one knew that this kind of rigorous treatment provided to a convict.

A prisoner should get a court order to even use a pillow or a bed sheet but how Karim Telgi is getting such a royal treatment? This happened in “Parappana Agrahara” jail in Bangalore.

Who is Karim Telgi?

Karim Abdul Telgi who was born in year 1961 was the charged counterfeiter Indian. He gained money by publishing fake seal document in Indian. Telgi shifted to buildings counterfeiting when he started to fake seal document. He hired 350 people as providers who marketed the imitations to large buyers, such as financial institutions, insurance plan providers, along with share-broking organizations. The dimension the fraud was approximated more than 20,000 INR crores. The Telgi clearly had a lot of support from government departments that were responsible for the production and sale of high-security stamps.

Karnataka Police used by Congress for personal needs and Vendetta politics?

There is no doubt that the Karnataka Police is directly under the influence of Congress govt. Karnataka government has proved that it is pro anti-nationals, pro-communal forces. DIG Prison, D Roopa had thrown light on how special treatments were given AIADMK general secretary Sasikala. It was proved again and again that bureaucrats can’t function freely in Karnataka. Instead of praising DIG Roopa, Karnataka CM questioned why she exposed this in front of media. This is really shocking.

Where is Mr Rahul?

Mr Rahul Gandhi, who baselessly target PM Modi needs to open up his mouth in this issue. Why are these shameful instances happening again and again in Congress ruled states? Even CM Siddaramayya is very much aware of this.

So in Karnataka jail, there is separate treatment for rich and poor convicts. People started believing that just prevails when Sasikala was imprisoned, these incidents will break their trusts.

Source: Republic TV

Vimarsha Sunil