Big Shuffle!!! Maharashtra CM will be changed and what is that big surprise that will shock you

This is probably going to be the Narendra Modi government’s last cabinet reshuffle before 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Narendra Modi who is well known for giving big surprises is holding his cards close, without giving any hint about his new cabinet.

Until now, the Modi government laid the foundation for development and made drastic changes in the administrative work. Some of the major economic reforms he made was demonetization and passing GST. Now that these major reforms have started yielding results, he needs not just a good minister but a shrewd politician who can take the benefits to the common people. Recently, there was a huge debate whether Railway minister Suresh Prabhu should continue as Rail minister after consecutive derailments of trains in Uttar Pradesh. But most people supported him and requested him to continue for his good work.

But Modi government is now planning to merge Railways and Road Transport minister, which may become a huge step in the transport ministry. This huge responsibility may be given to Nitin Gadkari who has set new milestones in Road Transport. He has been very successful in breaking the deadlocks and redtapism and has been able to transform the road and transport sector efficiently. There are chances that Road and Railway departments may be merged and Nitin Gadkari may take over as a super minister.

The big surprise is that Devendra Fadnavis has been asked to meet PM Modi. The speculations are that he may be given Defence Ministry which is presently being handled by Arun Jaitley. Devendra Fadnavis has been very efficient in handling the problems in Maharashtra. His Jal yukt Shivar was immensely successful in fighting drought situation in many districts in Maharashtra. So, the Maratha land may expect a new CM face.

Now that AIADMK and JDU have joined hands with NDA, there are chances that JDU may be given a cabinet berth and AIADMK may be given a MoS ministry. In the wake of joining AIADMK government in Tamil Nadu, the Modi-Shah duo may have larger plans with AIADMK.

Speculations are emerging that PM Modi may also reshuffle the Ministry of Water and Ganga rejuvenation which is currently being headed by Uma Bharati. Modi needs a strong person who can take visible steps in Ganga cleaning as yet people do not see major changes in Ganga cleaning.

However, the only people who know about cabinet reshuffle is Modi-Shah and until then all matter is just speculations.

Aishwarya S