Big Success : Fake Currency mastermind arrested by NIA

Abdus Salam , also known by his alias Podi Salam, was arrested by the National Investigation Agencies after he was deported from Saudi Arabia yesterday. He is a resident of Malappuram in Kerala and was wanted in a case of smuggling of fake Indian currency notes (FICNs) which were seized by Customs wing (Rummage & Intelligence Unit), Kochi at Nedumbasserry International Airport. The National Investigation Agency had taken over investigation of the case from Kerala Police in July 2014 and filed a charge sheet against five accused including Abdul Salam in 2015.

As per NIA, Abdus Salam was the ringleader and one of the main conspirators involved in smuggle high quality counterfeit notes to India from the United Arab Emirates and other countries. He had facilitated the smuggling of these currency notes through Abid Hassan. “Abdul Salam was part of the criminal conspiracy to smuggle high quality counterfeit Indian currency notes to India from UAE and had facilitated smuggling of the contraband through Abid Chullikulavan Hassan. The case is pending trial before the NIA special court at Ernakulum, Kerala,” an NIA statement said.

Abdus Salam is alleged to have close links with Dawood gang and various anti-India agencies who were playing an active role in pumping fake currency notes of high values into India by various illegal means, often by smuggling of notes from United Arab Emirates. After the case had been taken by National Investigation Agencies, India had asked the countries to cooperate. The accused was deported from Saudi Arabia yesterday and was promptly arrested by the National Investigation Agencies upon his arrival at the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi. It is expected that his interrogation will provide much more insight into the fake currency network that is being operated from other countries by the Dawood-ISI nexus, enjoying the state support from Pakistan.

The arrest is a major breakthrough and is expected to shed more light on how fake currency notes were being pumped in India, the modus operandi and the main perpetrators behind it.

Kshitij Mohan