Big success for Indian Railways! Vande Bharat Express becomes India’s first train with 100 kmph average speed between Delhi-Allahabad

In a historic achievement by the Indian Railways, the train that is making lots of buzz since its launch i.e. Train 18 or the Vande Bharat Express has successfully crossed the average speed of trains such as Rajdhani, Shatabdi, and Gatiman Express.

It was reported that Vande Bharat Express is the first ever train to run between Delhi and Allahabad with an average speed of above 100 km per hour. Reports also stated that 102.79 km per hour is the speed at which Vande Bharat Express runs between New Delhi and Allahabad.

It added “From Chipiyana Buzurg village area to Allahabad Junction railway station, the train boasts an average speed of 104 km per hour. While, in the North Railway zone, the train runs with an average speed of 76 km per hour. The new train takes around 6.08 hours to reach Allahabad from the national capital”.

At regular intervals, Vande Bharat Express is grabbing the attention of the nation. A week ago, Vande Bharat Express created a punctuality record. Yes, Vande Bharat Express, the engine-less semi-high speed train had created a unique record of being punctual on almost all days of service in April, 2019.

Even since the launch date of this Vande Bharat Express was announced, several anti-BJP forced tried to smear the image of this high speed train. Propaganda website The Wire had published an article titled “Brake failure halts vande bharat express on day after launch” and its introductory lines said “In a huge embarrassment to the Railways, India’s first indigenous semi high-speed Train-18, named Vande Bharat Express, developed serious technical faults near Tundla junction”.

But in reality, it was not a technical glitch but the train had stopped as a cattle had come under it. Several other anti-Modi journalists termed this as an insult to the Modi government.

In the past few years, the Indian Railways is grabbing the attention of the world and the credit goes to current Railway Minister Piyush Goyal and the former minister Suresh Prabhu.