Big trouble for Rahul Gandhi! Signed documents and trails prove that Rahul Gandhi had direct business dealings with a company that was under investigation in 2G Scam

It was a time when the UPA government was investigating the 2G scam. At one end a company named Unitech was being probed by the investigating agencies but at other end, the current Congress chief Rahul Gandhi was investing in the same company.

In a sensational news break by the Republic TV, a mega scam of Rahul Gandhi has been unearthed which indicates that the 48-year-old youth icon was having links and dealings with persons and entities that were then being probed for scams.

Republic TV has revealed that Rahul Gandhi was involved in a commercial property transaction with Sanjay Chandra-led Unitech and the documents reveal not only the initial transactions of Rahul Gandhi but also a string of payments that continued after that.

Those who don’t know much about Unitech, it is the same company which was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the 2G scam, having been awarded 20 out of 22 Telecom circles by then UPA Telecom Minister A Raja in 2008.

Republic TV stated, “However, strangely, despite what appears to be a property deal between Rahul Gandhi and Unitech, the Congress president is allegedly paid back Rs.2.92 crore by the company as an interest income which increases dramatically and unevenly every year”.

Not just that, Rahul Gandhi had received Rs 23.8 lakh as interest income in 2010-2011. Strangely and suspiciously, this increased to Rs 50.62 lakh in 2011-12 and 2012-13. In 2013-14 it was Rs 71 lakh and in 2014-15 it was Rs 95.9 lakhs. It was said that Rahul Gandhi received Rs 4.2 lakh in April 2012 and by September 2014, the monthly amount he was receiving shot up to Rs 8.85 lakh.

Looking at this expose, one can say that this is a serious scam and an investigation from the central authorities should follow. Reacting to this, Dr Swamy said “Buddhu (Rahul Gandhi) caught in a deal with Unitech of 2G fame. Now no one can say Narendra Modi is not serious about fighting corruption. “First” Parivar Chor hai”.