Big twist in 2G Scam as A Raja says, Skeletons will tumble out if Congress doesn’t shuts its mouth!

A day when India will finally be Congress free?

It was not a good day for India when the CBI special court acquitted all the accused from the 2G spectrum scandal. While the country was open about its disappointment stating that just how no one killed Jessica, no one murdered Arushi Talwar, no one killed the black buck nor the homeless people lying on the streets, or how no one looted 1,70,000 crores from Indian treasury; there were a handful of people celebrating.

The ones celebrating the judgement were the accused and acquitted themselves, and the Congress party; to be specific. Not only did they claim that justice was served, they also asked the BJP leaders to apologize for the ‘defamation’ this scandal had caused. It is amazing how these people hold the guts to make statements like that, even though the entire country knows how the accused were acquitted and who after all are the culprits.

However, all this guts and celebration has promised to be very short lived. Firstly, the case will be dealt by higher courts very soon, where we can expect justice in its true form to be served. Secondly and more importantly, it is A Raja, the primary accused himself, who has promised complete revelation of all the facts in association to the 2G Spectrum scandal.

This information about A Raja planning to author a fully fledged book about his, and others’ role in the scandal was broken by senior Indian politician from Tamil Nadu, A Rajgopalan. He tweeted stating

“A Raja shared an interesting sensational news with me today . Let not @INCIndia Congress jump the gun. Skeletons will tumble out. If leaders talk more.Wait for my jail diary to be released on January 20. One chapter why Dr Singh and @PChidambaram_IN not appeared before JPC on 2G”

Well, it comes from the horse’s mouth itself. A Raja, the former Telcoms Minister who is also the main player of the 2G Spectrum scandal has himself shared it with A Rajgopalan that his ‘Jail Dairy’ will be released in January 2018, which shall pretty much finish off the conspiracy games for Man Mohan Singh and P Chidambaram. While we await this information to be executed as soon as possible, the Congress party seems to have felt the heat already. In another tweet, A Rajgopalan has revealed how Congress has actually reacted to the judgement, celebrating only with Kanimozhi and sidelining A Raja.

The tweet says!

“Intriguing why Rahul Gandhi @OfficeOfRG avoided telephoning A Raja? Courtesy demanded if Rahul spared time to call Kanimozhi. Why Gulam Nabi Anand Sharma did not visit A Raja. Something fishy?”

Well, we know everything’s fishy. The announcement about the tell all book authored by A Raja was made a long time ago, and was supposed to be released in November 2017. However, it was rumoured and reported that the book was being shelved owing to the ties between the Congress party and the DMK, and A Raja was forced to push the publication further. After the Congress – DMK alliance was confirmed for assembly polls, it is said that A Raja was instructed to shelve his book. It was widely understood that A Raja’s book consists of open information about how the then Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, Chidambaram and even Pranav Mukherjee were kept well informed and at stake during the execution of the entire scam. Well, no wonder the Congress wants to shelve it, and alliance with the DMK was a masterstroke in that direction.

Regardless of all the alliances, tactics and shelving, A Raja has simply not given up and has now revealed that he shall be publishing the book. Once the book is published, we can be sure that the Congress party need no more campaign itself, for there shall be absolutely no use. BJP’s rightful agenda for a ‘Congress free India’ will come true with minimum efforts.

The exact words of A Raja in an interview after his days in jail regarding the book were “I am writing a book to be published by Penguin, but it is not just about my days in jail. It will talk about why I was put there and how I was charged with corruption as I had allegedly abused power. The truth is that I waged a war against monopoly, cartelisation and surreptitious exploitation of a natural source. I am not the only person who was charged for a crime I did not commit. I was charged because I stopped the telecom monopoly from committing fraud and crime. Truth will prevail. History will absolve me.”

We can be sure there will be explosive revelations ensuring justice in its true form. Witnesses for the court can be manipulated (or say have been) but people’s judgements are the highest testament. Regardless of A Raja’s stature, we hope the man stays true his own self and makes the right revelations in his book. India awaits the release of his publication.

Trisha Jay


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