Big twist in ‘Akhila Love Jihad’ case: two ISIS suspects blow the lid about how girl was trapped!

In a major twist to the Akhila’s love Jihad case, two ISIS men have revealed and confessed to the NIA (National Investigation Agency) how the girl was trapped and the involvement of Akhila’s husband Shafin Jahan in the entire plot.

Akhila/Hadiya’s love Jihad case is one of the scariest issue which shook the entire country. Akhila who is said to have fallen trap to ISIS/PFI plot of Love Jihad was married to a Muslim man called Shafin Jahan who apparently wanted to take her to Gulf or Syria and wanted her to work for the ISIS terror organisation. But however, the entire story was busted when Akhila’s father approached the Kerala High Court which put stay on her marriage and called it null and void.

The case reached Supreme Court after Akhila’s husband put a petition seeking to legalise the marriage. However the Supreme Court rejected his plea based on circumstantial evidences and ordered an NIA probe into the matter. The NIA investigation revealed many shocking truths as to how Akhila was trapped in the Love Jihad. They confirmed the involvement of the SDPI and PFI organisation in forcible conversion as a part of larger plan of radicalizing youngsters.

The recent investigation has now revealed that Akhila’s husband was in touch with many ISIS agents even before he married Akhila. This truth was confessed by 2 ISIS agents Manseed and Safvan, who were arrested in the Omar-al-Hindi case through Facebook group dealing with activities of SDPI, the political arm of Popular Front of India (PFI). (Omar Al Hindi case pertains to a conspiracy by ISIS-inspired groups to target judges, police officers and political leaders in south India).

It is said that Shafin Jahan regularly contacted Manseed and Safvan and were common friend to Sainaba, the lady who is said to have brain washed Akhila and got her married to Shafin. According to NIA, Manseed was the man who brought Hadiya in touch with Jahan and not waytonikah.com, as claimed by Sainaba.

Quoting NIA sources, the report has cited that the accounts of Hadiya and Shafin Jahan had given contradicting claims before the Kerala High Court. While Hadiya was registered on the website waytonikah.com on April 17, 2016 by Sainaba, Jahan subscribed to the website in September 2015. Interestingly, Shafin’s profile was not found in any of the 49 profiles Hadiya viewed online. Similarly, Shafin viewed 67 profile, but Hadiya was not one of them.

Looks like this is a clear case of Love Jihad with an involvement of many ISIS agents. The organisation seems to have massive network and the love jihad has been very well planned. Soon the NIA will put a closure to the case and submit the reports to the Supreme Court which will reveal the truth about these so called secular groups and the political parties supporting them!

Credit: https://www.timesnownews.com/india/article/hadiya-love-jihad-case-isis-popular-front-of-india-shafin-jahan-national-investigation-agency-kerala-love-jihad-case-isis-terror-suspects-nia/187150

Aishwarya S


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