Big U turn by Prakash Raj after getting slammed on social media says, “Am I a fool to return my awards?”

Today in India, the easiest way to gain popularity and gain National coverage is by abusing Prime Minister Modi. Those who have no recognition, those who want instant publicity can speak word or two abusing Narendra Modi so that you will get all the publicity you require.

It is the same case with actor Prakash Raj. This man yesterday created a big hue cry about Gauri Lankesh murder and questioned Prime Minister’s silence on the issue. Although he is from Karnataka and built his life career in Karnataka did not bother once to speak for the dying farmers in Karnataka during Cauvery issue, but now raised his voice for a naxal supporter.

After the death of Gauri Lankesh, Prakash Raj seems to have become very active in mocking the Prime Minister and RSS. He said PM Modi and Yogi Adityanath are much big actors than he is and would want to return his awards to them. The social media was quick enough to respond to his irresponsible comments and slammed him badly on Facebook and Twitter.

Just within 24 hours after his comments backlashed, he took complete U turn on his statement and said “I am not such a fool to give back the National Awards which has been given to me for my body of work and which I am very proud of.”

He said his statement was misquoted by media and doesn’t want to return the awards. It is indeed funny how these people show their true colours once they get exposed on social media. This man had no spine to question the state government which should be mainly held responsible for the law and order failure in the state but wants to drag in Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh who is in no way related to happenings in Karnataka.

Until now, the state government hasn’t been able to nab the culprits of Kalburgi who was killed 2 years back. The police have no clue about Gauri Lankesh murder even after a month but Prakash Raj wants PM Modi to answer and speak for a naxal supporter.

Prakash Raj never asked PM Modi to speak when 20 BJP-RSS workers were murdered, he never asked PM to take stringent action against those who chanted slogans against India, he never bothered when IAS and IPS officers in Karnataka were threatened and killed, but today he wants to speak for Gauri Lankesh.

These gimmicks are nothing but publicity stunts to gain media attention. He more so looks like he wants a Congress ticket or political recognition for which he is doing groundwork speaking against PM Modi.

Aishwarya S