Big win for India: United States declare Pakistan a “safe heaven” to terrorists

If there is a nation which is a heaven than that is Pakistan. This was said by USA on Wednesday. Yes, USA listed Pakistan among nations that provide “safe havens” to terrorists to operate. In its report, USA also quoted that India is a victim of Pakistan sponsored terrorism and even Maoist insurgents. In the ‘Country Report on Terrorism’ the US completely exposed Pakistan and slammed for allowing terror outfits Haqqani Network, Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad to openly carry out their activities. In the report, US also revealed that these organisations had successfully raised funds in Pakistan in 2016.

“LeT which carry out regular terror operations in India is banned in Pakistan but its wings-Jamaat-uD-Dawa (JuD) and Falah-i-Insaniat Foundation (FiF) worked to raise funds” the report said. Hafiz Saeed, LeT’s chief is an UN-designated terrorist but he is able conduct rallies on streets of Pakistan.

During PM Modi’s visit to the US, both nations decided to work on countering terrorism. After which Pakistan was given a big blow when US declared Saeed Salahuddin as a global terrorist. But soon after this, Salahuddin was openly seen roaming in the streets of Pakistan with his supporters.

The State Department also said that “Pakistan did not take substantial action against the Afghan Taliban or Haqqani, or substantially limit their ability to threaten US interests in Afghanistan, although Pakistan supported efforts to bring both groups into an Afghan-led peace process.”

The State Department also said that despite JuD and FiF was listed under UN sanctions regimes, Pakistan government did publicly reverse its December 2015 declaration that neither JuD nor FiF is banned in Pakistan. Pakistan has just placed these terror organisations “under observation’ in accordance to Schedule Two of the Anti-Terrorism Act. But the world knows that it was just to fool the world that Pakistan is acting against the terrorists. Couple of months ago, Trump’s director of budget office Mick Mulvaney said Pakistan will continue to get assistance, but as loans and not as grants.

The report also said that Islamic State is still the most powerful terrorist organisation in the world as it has eight recognised branches and several undisclosed networks which operate outside Iraq and Syria.

Afghanistan, Somalia, the Trans-Sahara, Sulu/Sulawesi Seas Littoral, Southern Philippines, Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Yemen, Columbia and Venezuela were also listed as safe heavens for terrorists.

Finally PM Modi’s diplomacy is showing results. Even though USA provided grants to Pakistan, it didn’t hesitate to go tough on Pakistan; this is the result of PM Modi’s foreign trips. Those who mocked at PM Modi’s regular foreign trips may try to neglect this. But the truth is, India is gaining global support to curb the Pakistan sponsored terrorism.

Nishika Ram