Biggest Conspiracy Exposed!!! Did you know that “8 lakh Hindus” get converted to Islam and Christianity every year?

The conversion of Hindus to Islam is now increasing with time, the population has lost balance in several states such where birth rate of Muslims is much higher than the Hindus. However, conversion to Christianity is more visible in the southern states (TN, Kerala and Telangana) as well as in the Eastern states.

The missionaries are very active in the tribal areas of Madhya Pradesh, Andhra, Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Jharkhand whereas per conventional estimates, upto 50–60% tribals have been converted to Christianity. More conversion activities are visible in Maharashtra hinterland, Punjab, North Bengal and some parts of Bihar and UP. The Christian missionaries are well equipped and handsomely funded to establish schools, hospitals, etc, in tribal areas where they are carrying out religious conversion at a very high rate.

Did you know about “8 lakh Hindus” get converted to Islam and Christianity every year? Yes, you heard it right. Muslims and Christians are upto a horrific mission of converting Hindus into their religion. Approximately “3.5 lakh Hindus” get converted to Islam and “4.5 lakh” to Christianity every year; therefore a total of 8 lakh Hindus get converted every year.

If the population of 1947 is compared with that of today, it will be observed that the Christian population has grown 5 times and Muslims have grown upto 8 times. “1.20 lakh Muslims” and “3 lakh Christian” preachers are striving hard to convert Hindus in our country.

Religious conversions must only be through the way of one’s choice or by wish and not through any conspiracy. Let’s know a little more about this. “Religious conversion” is the adoption of a set of beliefs identified with one particular religious denomination to the exclusion of others. It is about getting converted from ones original religion to other religion. This might be from one to another denomination within the same religion, for example, from Baptist to Catholic Christianity or from Sunni to Shi’a Islam. In some cases, religious conversion “marks a transformation of religious identity and is symbolized by special rituals”.

People convert to a different religion for various reasons, including: active conversion by free choice due to a change in beliefs, secondary conversion, deathbed conversion, conversion for convenience, marital conversion, and forced conversion.

The prime motive behind converting India into a Christian Country:

This is the prime motive of the Christians in converting Hindus, and Christian missionaries and churches in India are actively performing this task. Some thoughts elucidated ahead are a testimony to this fact.

A. Pope John Paul II: “In the first thousand years, Christianity blossomed in Europe. In the second thousand years, it spread to the American and African continents. In the third thousand years, let us pray that it spreads to the rest of the world and Bharat.”

B. Mother Teresa: “Conversion is the soul of the functioning of Christian missionaries. Without conversions, the missionaries will become lifeless”. (Do not forget that the secular Government of Bharat bestowed Mother Teresa with the highest award of ‘Bharat Ratna’ despite her rendering service in Bharat with this perspective.)

C. Father Johnson: “We westerners are under constant pressure to spread Christianity throughout the world. Since we believe that those who do not follow Christianity will go to Hell, we spread the message of Christ all over the world. Hindus believe that all religions are equal and hence, Bharat is a suitable country for conversions.” Remember that the Union Government felicitated the American priest, Father Johnson, who performed the task of converting Hindus to Christianity for ten years, by misleading ignorant people to worship only one God.

Muslim Strategy behind converting Hindus to Islam:

Please note these strategies which the Muslims follow intending to trap Hindus within their evil intentions.

 They target the illiterate, ignorant and poor Hindus, especially the backward classes to convert to Islam.

 Marry Hindu women and increase the number of Muslim population. They do not lead life with these women but push them into flesh business and make them work as prostitutes. And have an income from that as well.

 Using this conspiracy, approximately 5 lakh Hindu women have been converted to Islam in the past 15 years. Detailed information on this has been provided in the book titled ‘Love Jihad’ published by ‘Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’.

 Preach Islamic literature in all languages.

 These days, as part of this conspiracy they distribute free copies of their text in Bharatiya languages.

 Renovation of old mosques and construction of new mosques and madrasas in all parts of the world.

 Organizing international conferences of Muslims in various parts of the country.’
– Monthly ‘Samanvay’ (March-April 1986)

Respect Hindu religion and promote its dignity. Beware of Muslim and Christianity preachers forcibly converting and brain cleaning Hindu individuals to leave their religion and convert. Every individual is free to convert to another religion but doing this through mental brainwashing or deceit is unethical. If full permission for conversions is granted then every religion will begin its campaign of preaching and all will try to convert by unfair means. The court at that time stated that the State Government will have full powers to punish individuals who support such wrong practices and are party to performing them.




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